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Martha Stewart Living In PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Martha Stewart Living In. Presented by: Heather Murdoch, Residence Director, IWU Matthew Damschroder, Director of Residential Life, IWU. Decoupage anything!. You can decoupage anything with anything (boxes, bottles, shelves, tables, etc.)

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Martha Stewart Living In

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Martha stewart living in l.jpg

Martha Stewart Living In

Presented by:

Heather Murdoch, Residence Director, IWU

Matthew Damschroder, Director of Residential Life, IWU

Decoupage anything l.jpg

Decoupage anything!

  • You can decoupage anything with anything (boxes, bottles, shelves, tables, etc.)

  • If you’re using large pieces of paper, have something to smooth bubbles

  • If using varied sizes of paper, start with large, work down to small

  • Add rubber stamps or paint for accents

  • You can’t mess this up, you can always redo it

Decoupage products l.jpg

Decoupage products

  • Mod Podge Gloss Lustre by Plaid. 16 fl. oz available at Michaels for $5.38

  • 1” Polyester sponge brush available at Michaels for $.33

  • Kids Crafts Frame available at Michaels for $1.99

Upholstering chairs l.jpg

Upholstering chairs

  • Choose a fabric that coordinates with your living space. The fabric need not be intended for upholstery. A $3/yd calico will work fine and allow you the flexibility to change your mind frequently.

  • Remove the seat from the chair, typically by removing several screws. Remove the former covering, keeping foam and backboard for later.

  • Lay out your fabric and place foam seat side down on top of it placing backboard atop this. Trim fabric to about three excess inches on each side.

  • Turning fabric under to avoid fraying, pull and staple fabric to center of one side, then its opposite, the adjacent side and its opposite.

  • Keeping fabric taut, staple your way to the corner. Form a corner by folding the fabric under as if you were wrapping a present. Place several staples at the corner to ensure it is held tightly.

  • Re-attach seat to chair. Repeat regularly.

Fabrics on cabinets and table tops l.jpg

Fabrics on cabinets and table tops

  • Uses the same process as the seat cover we just saw.

  • Choose lightweight fabrics, particularly in a space where cooking will be happening—you don’t want a fabric that is going to pick up smells or collect dust.

  • Maintain with warm water in case of splatters and Febreeze regularly.

Painting and borders l.jpg

Painting and borders

  • Neutral colors are a good choice

  • You can always add white to create another shade

  • Look for fun and/or new painting tools (don’t pay big bucks for them)

  • Always remember plenty of drop clothes and cleaning clothes

  • Practice different looks on poster board

Tiling and grouting a tabletop l.jpg

Tiling and grouting a tabletop

  • Select and prepare the table. A fresh coat of paint to the legs and sides may be a nice touch. At a minimum, wash the surface to be tiled and allow to dry completely.

  • Brush thick coat of adhesive on surface and allow to become tacky.

  • Once tacky, arrange tiles, stones or shards in desired pattern.

  • Let adhesive dry for 12-24 hours.

  • Work grout into cracks with grout floater or spreader tool (or credit card) until surface is smooth and level.

  • After 20-30 minutes, wipe off excess with damp sponge in smooth, flat manner so grout between tiles is not removed.

  • Allow to fully dry. Polish surface to remove residue.

Tiling grouting products l.jpg

Tiling/Grouting products

  • Glass marbles (typically found with the fake flowers) available at Michaels for $1.89 per bag

  • Small wood tray available at Michael’s for $3.99

  • Make-it Mosaics Adhesive by Plaid. 4 fl. oz available at Michaels for $2.99

  • Mosaic Tile Grout (premium, non-sanded) by Mosaic Mercantile. 16 fl. oz available at Michaels for $12.99

Slide9 l.jpg

Accenting your space with greenery

  • Pick greenery (or Flowers) that look good together, ie., similar hues, shapes, seasons, etc.

  • Select things you like

  • Buy only in your price range

  • Secure foam

  • Develop an image in your mind of the shape you like to create

  • Insert pieces reflecting the desired shape, starting with largest pieces

  • It’s best to work in odd numbers

  • Begin to fill in, using pieces of decreasing size, working on the arrangement in a circular motion

  • Never throw out scraps

  • NEVER try to ‘fix’ the arrangement once you have placed it somewhere in your home

Basic plant selection and care l.jpg

Basic plant selection and care

  • Financial

  • Competitive

  • Progress

Swags l.jpg


  • Swags can be as simple or as elaborate as your taste dictates

  • Start with basic greenery (or eucalyptus)

  • Select ribbon and flowers/ fruit that will go with your base leaves

  • Secure bow with floral wire ribbon

  • Secure additional flowers or fruit with floral wire or hot glue

  • Avoid the desire to place pieces in the swag symmetrically

  • You can easily add pieces of fabric to your swags without the ability to sew. You need only to know a basic running stitch.

Window treatments l.jpg

Window treatments

  • You can create darling fabric swags over required university curtains or blinds.

  • You will need a piece of fabric approximately 30% longer then your window, two small nails, and two rubber bands.

  • Baste unfinished ends, treat with fray check or use a pinking sheers to cut fabric so that ends do not fray

  • Place nails in upper corners of window

  • Use rubberbands to gather fabric at window corners and secure to nails

  • Gather fabric so it puffs (hiding rubber bands) and drapes in a way you like.

Weaved wonders l.jpg

Weaved wonders

  • Buy baskets when on sale

  • Spray paint can cover a multitude of sins—you can change the color of the basket or just embellish it

  • Baskets can hold ANYTHING—they’re great for gathering up odd junk or making decorative statements

Tips for your budget l.jpg

Tips for your budget

  • Once you decide on a budget, stick to it! It may take a little more creativity, but you should be able to find what you’re looking for in any price range– be patient

  • Get to know an area craft store. Familiarize yourself with their sale patterns and shop accordingly

  • Drop into a favorite store regularly– you can find the most amazing little treasures in clearance baskets

  • When you move into a new space, consider how recycling/ reinventing certain pieces can completely change the look of a room

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