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All Kinds of Minds

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All Kinds of Minds. Dr. Mel Levine Co Founder. introduction. This is brain cartoon. Every Child Can Succeed!. 1. Who is Mel Levine and what is his mission? 2. What is All Kinds Of Minds? 3. What are the 8 neurological functions of the brain

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all kinds of minds

All Kinds of Minds

Dr. Mel Levine

Co Founder

  • This is brain cartoon
every child can succeed
Every Child Can Succeed!
  • 1. Who is Mel Levine and what is his mission?
  • 2. What is All Kinds Of Minds?
  • 3. What are the 8 neurological functions of the brain
  • 4. How can we support students with all kinds of minds?
who is dr mel levine
Who is Dr. Mel Levine?
  • Top graduate at Brown University
  • Rhodes Scholar in Oxford
  • Graduate of Harvard Medical School where he completed paediatric training
  • A professor of Paediatrics at U of North Carolina
  • Director of the University\'s Clinical Center for the Study of Development and Learning

I am a pediatrian with a mission. I am obsessed with helping children find success. Over the years working in all kinds of settings, I have been struck by the despairing flocks of boys and girls out there trying to make a go of it, but faltering badly, disappointing their teachers, their families and worst of all, themselves. It has to be hard, very hard, to be a disappointment. I have come to the conclusion that helping such children find their way is as much a part of paediatric care as curing asthma attacks and ear infections.

  • ( A Mind at a Time, p.14)
what is all kinds of minds www allkindsofminds org
What is All Kinds of Minds?
  • We believe that all students should have the opportunity to find success in learning.
  • We believe all teachers should be learning experts. That all schools should be able to serve the needs of their diverse learners equally.
  • we believe once teachers understand how students learn and put that into practice—every day, with every student—achievement gaps will close
the goals of all kinds of minds
The Goals of All Kinds of Minds?
  • Inspire optimism in the face of learning challenges
  • Discover and treasure unique learning profiles
  • Eliminate humiliation, blaming, and labeling of students
  • Leverage strengths and affinities
  • Empower students to find success
temporal sequential ordering
Temporal-sequential ordering




spatial ordering
Spatial ordering


language receptive expressive
Languagereceptive & expressive


neuromotor functions
Neuromotor Functions


social cognition
Social cognition


higher order cognition
Higher order cognition


  • Read descriptors and sort into a stronger pile and a weaker pile
  • Flip the stronger pile over
  • Look at the pictures of constructs
  • Double/triple up on any common pictures
  • Re-read descriptors of large piles
  • Narrow your 3 dominant constructs
  • Put a corresponding red dot on your constructs sheet
  • Repeat for weaknesses, but use green dots
the placemat
The Placemat
  • 8 neurological functions
  • Sub skills under each help us to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • With this knowledge a specific, individual plan can be created to remedy and fortify a child’s neurological profile
  • How does knowing a child’s strength and weakness help in determining his/her profile?

Link to misunderstood minds part 1

  • Link to Misunderstood minds part 2
can you pinpoint
Can you Pinpoint?
  • Appears fatigued when working

Mental Energy Controls

  • Confuses steps of procedure and instructions

Temporal Spatial ordering

  • Doesn’t care for the opinion of others

Social Cognition

  • Rushes through work

Production controls


What is the hardest task

we ask kids to do?


Nothing but writing brings together so many of the neurological constructs


Creative ideas…Higher Order Cognition

Holding the pencil…Neuromotor Functions

Pacing, editing…Attention

Write on the line…Spatial Ordering

Expression…Receptive and Expressive Language

getting a mind realigned not redesigned
Getting a Mind Realigned; NOT redesigned
  • Management by Profile
  • Demystification
  • Accommodation
  • Intervention at breakdown points
  • Strengthening strengths and affinities
  • Protection from humiliation
  • Other services
all kinds of minds1
All Kinds of minds
  • All kinds of minds website
can you answer the following
Can you answer the following?
  • Who is Mel Levine and what is his mission?
  • 2. What is All Kinds Of Minds?
  • 3. What are the 8 neurological functions of the brain
  • 4. How can we support students with all kinds of minds?

Every child CAN succeed!

  • Every child CAN succeed!