Franz joseph haydn
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FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN. Father of the Symphony. Franza Joseph Haydn. Franz Joseph Haydn was born in 1732 in a small village in lower Austria called Rohrau . He was the son of a wheelwright and began his musical career as a chorister in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna .

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Franz joseph haydn


Father of the Symphony

Franza joseph haydn

Franza Joseph Haydn

  • Franz Joseph Haydn was born in 1732 in a small village in lower Austria called Rohrau. He was the son of a wheelwright and began his musical career as a chorister in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

Haydn s teenage years

Haydn’s Teenage Years

  • At 16, when his voice changed, his career as a chorister came to and end. Haydn then made a meager living, copying parts and playing the violin at dances. He, also at this time, secured a dilapidated harpsichord, found himself an attic in Vienna, and began his compositional career.

Haydn s garage band years

Haydn’s Garage Band Years

  • During his early years he was barely able to make a living as a teacher and accompanist and often joined bands of roving musicians who performed in the streets in Vienna.

  • Because of this background in his formative years, Haydn would later incorporate into his compositions a great many of the folk tunes of Vienna and the region of Austria in which he grew

Franz joseph haydn

  • After working as accompanist at the Italian composer Nicola Porpora’s musical academy, he got a job at a minor court.

  • It wasn't long before Haydn attracted the notice of the aristocracy in Vienna. He was invited to live in the country house of a nobleman. The nobleman had a small group of musicians that functioned as an orchestra to him.

Franz joseph haydn

  • For the next several years Haydn was able to experiment with different instruments and combinations of instruments as a part of this orchestra. He, essentially, taught himself harmony and counterpoint and improved his own musical knowledge.

Haydn lands a job

Haydn Lands a Job!

  • At the age of 29 in 1761, Haydn began his career as Vice-Kappellmeister and, then, Kapellmeister with the Esterhazys, the richest and most powerful family in Hungary who were famous for their patronage of the arts.

  • The relationship would continue for nearly 30 years, the greater part of Haydn's creative career.

30 years of compositional bliss

30 Years of Compositional Bliss

  • Under Haydn's direction, the musical establishment of the Esterhazys included an orchestra, an opera company, a marionette theater, and a chapel. The musicians were some of the finest in Europe.

  • With the death of the prince, Haydn was released from the Esterhazys' service.

Franz joseph haydn

  • He traveled to England twice -- once in 1791 and again in 1794 -- where his music gained him great acclaim. He was offered a contract for 12 new pieces to be performed in London. (Nos. 93-104) These are now known as the "London Symphonies". When he returned to Austria, he was very well-off and laden with honor

Franz joseph haydn 1732 1809

Franz Joseph Haydn(1732 – 1809)

  • THE FATHER OF THE SYMPHONY died in 1809 and was acknowledged throughout Europe as one of the premiere and most prolific composers who every lived who ever lived


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