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Intro to Old Testament and Deuterocanonical Books - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Servants Prep Old Testament. Intro to Old Testament and Deuterocanonical Books. The Creation The Fall Abel and Cain Noah’s Ark and Flood Tower of Babel. Genesis Chapters 1-11. Abram’s Call Abram and Hagar Circumcision Sodom and Gomorrah Birth of Isaac Sacrifice of Isaac

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Intro to Old Testament and Deuterocanonical Books

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Servants Prep Old Testament

Intro to Old Testament and Deuterocanonical Books

The Creation

The Fall

Abel and Cain

Noah’s Ark and Flood

Tower of Babel

Genesis Chapters 1-11

  • Abram’s Call

  • Abram and Hagar

  • Circumcision

  • Sodom and Gomorrah

  • Birth of Isaac

  • Sacrifice of Isaac

  • Isaac Blesses Jacob

  • Jacob’s Ladder

  • Joseph and Brothers

  • Joseph in Egypt

  • Jacob’s Burial

Genesis 12-50 The PATRIARCHS

  • Moses’ life and youth

  • God calls Moses

  • The Plagues

  • The Passover

  • Crossing the Red Sea

  • Wandering in the Wilderness

  • Covenant and 10 Commandments

  • The Golden Calf

  • Instruction for building the Sanctuary


How many Rabbinical laws?

Ordination and Consecration of Aaron as priest

Aaron’s sons sacrilege

Laws regarding uncleanness

The Day of Atonement

Laws of Holiness

Laws Governing Vows and Tithes

Leviticus (Book of Laws)

Preparation for journey from Sinai to Canaan

Manna and Quail

Korah, Dathan, and Abiram

Aaron’s Death



Transferring authority to Joshua and preparing people for life in the Promised Land.

Ends with the Death of Moses and Succession of Joshua.

Deuteronomy (Second Lawgiving)

Preparing to cross the Jordan River

Two Spies and Rahab

Crossing the Jordan River

Defeat of Jerico

The Sun Stands Still

More Conquests and Defeats

Death of Joshua and Eleazar, Aaron’s son


Deborah defeats Canaan

Gideon defeats Midian






Obed (Father of Jesse, Father of David)


Eli and Samuel

Ark is lost and recovered

Samuel and Saul establish Monarchy

Israel demands a king

Saul becomes King

David and Goliath

Death of Saul and Sons

1st Samuel

David learns of Saul’s Death

David Reigns

Conquests of David

David and Bathsheba

David confesses to Nathan the Prophet

Birth of Solomon

Death of Absalom

2nd Samuel

  • Throne passes to Solomon

  • Solomon prays for Wisdom

  • Death of Solomon and reign of Rehoboam

  • The Kingdom Divided

  • Elijah the Tishbite and Ahab the King

    • Drought

    • Widow

    • Baal Victory

    • End of Drought

  • Evil Deeds of Ahab and Jezebel

  • Elisha follows Elijah

  • Micaiah warns Ahab/ Ahab is killed in Battle

  • Azariah is King

1st Kings

  • Elijah is caught up to Heaven

  • Elisha works miracles

  • Death of Elisha

  • Assyrian Exile

  • Hezekiah as King of Judah and Isaiah the prophet

  • Fall of Jerusalem and Temple

  • Babylonian Exile

2nd Kings


Ark returned to Jerusalem

Last days of David/ Reign of Solomon

Preparing to rebuild the Temple charging Solomon to do so

1st Chronicles

Solomon’s Reign

Building and Dedication of Temple

Solomons life, wisdom, wealth, and death

History of the Kings of Judah to the end of the exile

2nd Chronicles

Babylonians Capture Jerusalem

Opposition to the reconstruction of the Temple

Reconstruction and Completion of the Temple

Life of Ezra


Rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem

Return of the Exiles to Jerusalem


  • Queen Esther

  • Haman

    • Plot and Hanging

  • Mordecai


David, temple musicians, and Moses

Job is one of the first books to be written

Psalms/Job/Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs

  • Isaiah

    • 5th Evangelist

  • Daniel

    • Visions

  • Hosea

    • Gomer

  • Jonah/Nahum

    • Ninevah

Major and Minor Prophets

  • Tobit

  • Judith

  • 1 Maccabees

  • 2 Maccabees

  • Wisdom of Solomon

  • Wisdom of Sirach (Joshua son of Sirach)

  • Baruch

  • Daniel completion

  • Esther completion

Deuterocanonical Books

39 books plus

7 extra

Equals 46 books of the Old Testament


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