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Marriage Ceremony Songs

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Geet manjari


GeetManjariis website for the songs which are sung on various occasions like wedding, mehndi, sangeet, engagement, traditional and festivals.

Marriage ceremony songs

Indian Wedding Songs

In Indian weddings, songs and dance are essential. At the time of wedding, family members and friends come together to enjoy the wedding. Culture and tradition are hallmarks of Indian weddings.

Marriage ceremony songs

Hindi Wedding Songs

In India, peoples love playing Hindi songs during wedding or any other functions. Hindi wedding songs plays a huge role in Indian wedding.

Marriage ceremony songs

Songs For Wedding

India is a country of culture and heritage. There are various kinds of religions present in India. We will concentrate on Hindu wedding songs.

Marriage ceremony songs

Indian Mehndi Songs

Mehndi ceremony is the part of Indian wedding. At the time of wedding, all family members and friends come together to enjoy and celebrate the function.

Marriage ceremony songs

Best Mehndi Songs

Without any dance and music, no wedding ceremony can be complete. The wedding celebrations are full of joy and live events. All these elements come together in mehndi ceremony.

Marriage ceremony songs

ShaadiSangeet Songs

Indian wedding ceremonies included many functions for women. Dhol is the common part of the mehndi and sangeetceremony. Hindi wedding songs is at the heart of any wedding in India.

Marriage ceremony songs

Traditional Folk Song

In India traditional folk songs have been defined in many ways. Tradition songs are part of wedding when all the women sing song related to their religion.

Marriage ceremony songs

Festival Songs In Hindi

As a country of festival, India is rightly classified. In India, for celebrating the festivals, many types of festival songs are present.

Marriage ceremony songs

Best Festival Songs

In India people celebrate almost everything because of so many festivals and their related festival songs. With these invisible thread of celebrations all these different religion and culture get tied together.

Marriage ceremony songs

Wedding Ceremony Songs

At the time of wedding ceremony we can see different cultures in India. Wedding music is the aspect that presents everything. In Indian wedding there are various number of bands and groups are playing their music.

Marriage ceremony songs

Marriage Ceremony Songs

In wedding ceremony at different stages bollywood music are played. Through out the wedding all the guests and family members love to participate in the dance.

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