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Rayport TM Product Specification Sheet. Rayport TM Spec Sheet. Fits Panels from 950mm to 994mm in width. Including, but not limited to: * Patent Pending. Rayport TM Spec Sheet (con’t). Curb weight (per panel): 10.6 lbs (rack)

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RayportTMProduct Specification Sheet

RayportTM Spec Sheet

Fits Panels from 950mm to 994mm in width. Including, but not limited to:* Patent Pending

RayportTM Spec Sheet (con’t)

Curb weight (per panel): 10.6 lbs (rack)

System load: Specific to building height, panel type, and exposure category.

Corrosion performance: Stainless Steel - 10 years, see warranty for more details.

Performance rating: Cat.B, 120 mph w/ 6-block back/side row

Cat.B, 90 mph w/ 6-block back row

Panel-to-panel length: 1489 mm (58.65in)

Panel angle: 10 deg fixed

Panel Layout: Landscape

Panel height from roof: 232 mm (9.1in)

Installation rate: 2.25 kW / man-hour

Grounding (panel): Integrated Weeb clip on each support grounds panels to rails.

Grounding (racking): 1 grounding lug per tray to be installed at the rear support rail. Only required every 20 rows. Lugs not included.

Contact surface: Protective rubber pads included on each ballast tray.

Rayport tm layout dimensions

RayportTM Layout Dimensions

Side view – 58.65” repeating column dimension

Front view – 20.87” repeating dimension. Overall row length is based on panel length

RayportTM BOM

Rayport tm 4 x 6 layout view

RayportTM 4 x 6 Layout View

Grounding panel clips

Grounding / Panel Clips

  • Stainless Steel panel clamp (included - 4 per panel)

  • Standard grounding lug (not included)

Rayport tm cross sections

RayportTM Cross Sections

Panel Support Rail

Ballast Tray Rail

Rayport tm mounting pads

RayportTM Mounting Pads

Rayport tm seismic clip

RayportTM Seismic Clip

Optional Stainless Steel clip attaches to ends of ballast tray. (2) clips required per tray.

Rayport tm grounding analysis

RayportTM Grounding Analysis

Rayport tm structural analysis

RayportTM Structural Analysis

Rayport tm roof material approval

RayportTM Roof Material Approval