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On Your Feet Lose Your Seat

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On Your Feet Lose Your Seat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On Your Feet Lose Your Seat. Melissa Shaw. Everyone that is capable and feels okay to do so please stand up and remain standing!. About me. K-12 Physical Education Major Secondary Health Minor Bennett and Sharp Park Elementary: Jackson Public Tammi Gronski 1 st -5 th.

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about me
About me
  • K-12 Physical Education Major
  • Secondary Health Minor
  • Bennett and Sharp Park Elementary: Jackson Public
                • TammiGronski
                • 1st-5th
how can i encourage students to move
How can I encourage students to move?
  • Less fit students, out of shape
  • Behaviors/patterns
        • Bathroom breaks, not wearing appropriate shoes, acting up, not feeling well
  • Increase participation, self confidence and decrease student embarrassment
        • Increase GOOD sportsmanship
        • Impact words
        • How to encourage students of any fitness level to participate in activity as frequent as possible and teach them how important it is to stay healthy by being active and eating the right foods.

Everyone that is standing and willing to participate please try to touch your toes while keeping your knees straight and not bending them!

learning through movement
Learning through movement
  • Learn through movement
        • develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills
        • Improves alertness (increase attention span, increase memory, better behavior)
        • Naturally they enjoy active play
        • Concentrate better and achieve more academically
why the need to promote physical activity
  • Sedentary Alternatives:
  • Ride in a car or bus to school
  • Less physical education
        • 36 weeks = 3600 minutes
  • Watch more television
  • Play more sedentary games
        • computer games or video games: Wii
        • family and social interaction problems, behavioral problems
  • Less Freedom to play outside on their own
  • Recess reduced or eliminated
        • 6-8 hours of sitting a day
  • Fast Food
  • Childhood obesity crisis
        • 6.7% 1980 to 20% in 2010
        • 31.2 % overweight ages 6-11
        • Center for Disease Control says that soon enough obesity will take over smoking for the leading cause of preventable death
  • Physical Activity is Beneficial in:
        • Reducing risk of heart failure
        • Improved physical fitness
        • Weight reduction
        • Self-discipline
        • Skill development
        • Improving self-confidence
        • Stress reduction
        • Increase their love of school and performance in academics
        • Good health promotion
        • Development of lifetime skills and activities
evidence collected modifications
Evidence collected/modifications
  • Fitness testing- Students that were considered healthy vs unhealthy
          • Modifications to each of the tests to help increase self-confidence and decrease embarrassment
          • Pacer-Walking
          • Curl-up and Push-up: Matts
          • Height/Weight:
  • Sent activities home for students to do with parents or alone
  • Made accommodations to reach out to all students and challenge the less active/fit but also still challenging the active/fit end of spectrum
          • Alternating locomotive skills
          • Warm-up: Minute Runs
          • Groups/Odd Numbers
          • Drinks
          • Making sure everything I had planned each student would be able to attempt or have a modification.
  • Noticed an increase in positive sportsmanship

200 Students (4th and 5th )

        • 44 students very low end (out of shape/less fit/could correlate to obesity)
        • 74 students middle (less fit/could correlate to overweight)
        • 82 students considered healthy

200 Students Surveyed (4th and 5th)

1a.)21 b.)53 c.)57 d.)38 e.)31

10.5% 26.5% 28.5% 19% 15.5%

2a.)18 b.)49 c.)90 d.)19 e.)24

9% 24.5%45% 9.5% 12%

3a.)77 b.)123

38.5% 61.5%

to tackle the problem of lack of physical education and obesity epidemic parents can
To Tackle the problem of lack of physical education and obesity epidemic parents can:
  • Join their kids in sport clubs or encourage them to have a play time every day.
  • Allow the kids to choose the physical activity or sport they like
  • Have a play time with their kids and include sports or activities such as Frisbee, kick-ball or jump rope
  • Ask the local community to provide recreational activities
  • Parents can lead kids by example, by exercising themselves
  • Along with exercising, parents should make sure their kids have a healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Although lack of physical education is hurting the kids, parents can minimize the impact by encouraging kids to be physically active.
together we can eliminate obesity one physical activity at a time
Together we can eliminate obesity one physical activity at a time
  • Ongoing support
        • Students are not going to make it if they are alone in facing the problem
        • Low self-esteem, less confidence, under achievement
  • American Heart Association- Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Youth. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/114/11/1214.full
  • Critical Mass Crisis: Child Obesity. By Mark Fainaru-Wada, ESPN. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/otl/news/sto ry?id=4015831
  • Physical Education in America’s Public Schools. University of Michigan. Obesity & Overweight Epidemic Among Children in US. http://sitemaker.umich.edu/356.speregen/obesity___overweight_epidemic_among_children_in_us
  • Children and Physical Activity. Article by Eloise Elliott, Ph.D and Steve Sanders, Ph.D. The Importance of Movement and Physical Activity. PBS Teachers. http://www.pbs.org/teachers/earlychildhood/articles/physical.html
  • TammiGronski. Jackson Public Physical Education Teacher.