How is the government organised how do laws have a positive impact on everyone
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How is the government organised? How do laws have a positive impact on everyone? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How is the government organised? How do laws have a positive impact on everyone?.

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How is the government organised? How do laws have a positive impact on everyone?

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How is the government organised?How do laws have a positive impact on everyone?

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Why do we have a government?

We have a government because without one our life would be chaos. The government enforces laws that help keep order in the community and keep us safe. A life without laws would be like a game without rules. People could do whatever they wanted. Police help to make sure people follow these laws like an umpire in a game.

Who helps the government?

Lots of people help the government. The main people are the Prime Minister, Political Parties and Politicians.

How dose the government make laws?

It takes a lot of steps before a bill becomes a law. Here is the process:

  • A community member contacts the Government.

  • A Member of the Government goes to the House Of Reps.

  • The House Of Reps votes on weather to pass it on to the Green Room

  • The Green Room votes again. If not voted to go on the bill is lost.

  • If voted to go on it gets given to the Commitee to give changes.

  • The Governt General signs off on the law on behalf of the Queen.

Where do people in the government work?

People in the government work at parliament house along with 4000-5000 other people. They are the Prime Minister, Parliamentary officers, members of the Parliament and staff who provide catering and cleaning.

When can a law have an impact on everyone?

A law can have an impact as soon as it is put into place. It can even impact us when it is taken out. For example when the carbon tax was put into place we had to pay more money for things like meat, bread and milk and now that it has been taken out we don’t have to pay more money for the things weneed.

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