A doll s house
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A Doll’s House. By. Henrik Ibsen. Drama Terms. Drama- Greek word meaning to do or to act Action - the direction the play moves in Two Types of Drama Comedy - Ending happily Tragedy - not ending well Dialogue -What the characters speak in a play

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A doll s house

A Doll’s House

By. Henrik Ibsen

Drama terms
Drama Terms

  • Drama- Greek word meaning to do or to act

  • Action- the direction the play moves in

  • Two Types of Drama

    • Comedy- Ending happily

    • Tragedy- not ending well

  • Dialogue-What the characters speak in a play

  • Foil-a character whose primary purpose is to create a contrast to another character

Drama terms1
Drama Terms

  • Staging- all the things except dialogue which a dramatist uses to communicate to an audience. ( scenery, costume, gesture and lighting)

  • Aside-In drama a short speech spoken by a character in an undertone or directly to the audience.

  • Monologue- An extended speech by a character in a play, short story, novel or narrative poem.

  • Soliloquy- An extended speech, usually in a drama, delivered by a character alone onstage.

A doll s house facts
A Doll’s House Facts

  • Controversial; Audiences were stunned by what they saw.

  • Shocking realistic depiction of middle class life

  • Plays before were written in verse and were supposed to entertain.

  • A Doll’s House is not very pleasant and showed marriage and love in a bad light.


  • Nora- TorvaldHelmer’s wife; Protagonist.

  • TorvaldHelmer-A banker and lawyer. The “man of the house”

  • Mrs. Linde- An old school friend of Nora’s. She gave up her true love, Krogstad, for someone with money.

  • Dr. Rank- He is the Helmer’s friend and visits them daily. He is Torvald’s foil.

  • Krogstad- is an employee at the bank where Torvald is manager. He is a shady character.

Themes to consider
Themes to consider

  • Appearance and reality

  • Deception

  • The role of women

  • The individual and society

  • Money


  • Nora’s Fancy dress costume

  • The Tarantella

  • Light

  • Christmas Tree