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WebFOCUS 8. May 2012. Brian Carter. Core Mission & Philosophy. Core Mission : Dedicated to provide the best platform and tools for creating and delivering large enterprise information systems Maintain and expand a wide range of capabilities – from data access to application development

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May 2012

Brian Carter

Core Mission & Philosophy

  • Core Mission: Dedicated to provide the best platform and tools for creating and delivering large enterprise information systems

    • Maintain and expand a wide range of capabilities – from data access to application development

    • Continuous improvements in development efficiencies to reduce the cost and time to deliver enterprise information systems

  • Strategic Goals: Use the platform’s core strengths to power an ecosystem BI related technologies to allow customers to expand their information systems in new areas such as predictive analytics, search, etc.

WebFOCUS 8 Architecture

Web Browsers




Web Services





Web Server

Developer Studio

Application Server




BI Portal








Reporting Server




Web Services




Enabling Self Service for Business Users:BI Portal & InfoAssist

InfoAssist & New Portal

Objective: Become highly competitive in the self-service market with enterprise level query, analysis & portal tools


  • BI Portal: Focus on engaging the BI consumer

    • Customizable: Let the users define how they consume content

    • Collaborative: Let the users define how they want to publish and share content

    • Componentized: Let the users define what widgets they want to add to their content pages.

  • InfoAssist: Single tool and single workflow to make the tool as easy and ubiquitous as Excel for the analytic BI user

    • Enhanced analytic capabilities

    • Enhanced interactive design capabilities


InfoAssist & New Portal


  • BIP & IA: Unifiedlook and feel and workflow

  • BIP: Targeted for designers, business and end users

    • WYSIWYG designer with robust layout options

    • Themes & dynamic report styling

    • Chart autofit within any screen/device size

  • InfoAssist:

    • New HTML 5 chart engine integration & multi-drill

    • Full AR styling and enhanced conditional styling

    • Relative Positioning

    • Tools consolidation –Advanced GA in IA

  • New: Multipage layouts, Sub-query support, more analytic functions, 508 output.

  • Integration of BIP with Social Media Sites

  • Mobile development in IA or Application Studio


BI Portal: iGoogle Like User Experience

BI Portal: PowerPoint Like Ease of Customization

BI Portal: Stylesheet Inheritance

The New Visualization Engine: Benefits

  • An entirely new unified visualization technology that is now being rolled out across our entire product line

  • The benefits:

    • WebFOCUS is the only platform that offers unified charting experience:

      • Single engine generates: HTML5, Flash, JPEG, PNG

      • The exact same chart experience in all output formats: Active Technologies, HTML5, Flex, PDF

      • The same set of properties and syntax for all IBI products

    • A high level of visual sophistication:

      • Gradients

      • Animations

    • Works in all browsers including mobile

    • Easily expandable and customizable:

      • Allows IBI consultants and BI developers to quickly meet customer requirements by adding custom properties and features

InfoAssist: WebApps Development via AT & HTML5

InfoAssist: Multi-Page Documents

Advanced Data Visualization: Going Forward Plan

Objective: Create an IA module for advanced visualization (AV) to address raising self-service needs, customer requirements & competitive pressure


  • Foundation is set via HTML5 chart engine

  • All new development: First release targeted for Q3

  • Differentiators:

    • New Module of InfoAssist:

      • Single tool for reports, documents, dashboards, and AV

      • Unified UI and design work flow to minimize training

        • Simple workflow that is already very similar to QlikView

      • Dimensional interactions like in Visual Discovery

      • New pivot and combination charts that increase drastically the dimensional analysis

      • Work against any data source


InfoAssist: Visual Discovery Like Analysis

InfoAssist: New Dimensional Combination Charts

InfoAssist: New Dimensional Pivot Charts

Next Generation Graphs Under Consideration

Lexical Diversity

Re-Posting Paths

Social Connectedness

Lexical Frequencies

Streaming Frequencies

WebFOCUS 8 Security EnhancementsDrive SaaS & Personalization

WebFOCUS8 Security

  • New DBMS-based repository for WebFOCUS, ReportCaster, and Managed Reporting:

    • New hierarchical object-based repository called Information Builders File System (IBFS)

    • Frees customers from fixed folders, folder depth, file names

    • Simplifies administration and system backup over previous version

  • Key features and benefits of IBFS

    • Fine-grained control over role definition and permission assignments

    • Security policies can be applied on any IBFS object including users, groups, folders, reports, portals, report server nodes, etc.

    • Supports inheritance

    • Supports Multi-tenancy and group administration

  • New auditing captures user logon activity and administrative actions

  • Objective: Provide a robust security model that facilitates SaaS & PaaS, Deep personalization, and simplified administrations

    WebFOCUS 8 Security

    • Benefits for the Administrator:

      • User authorization integration with LDAP groups

        • Automatic account creation & log-in synchronization

      • Group administration:

      • Create groups to manage ReportCaster and BI Portal resources

    • Resource Templates:

      • Predefined templates for groups, content folders, roles and policies

        • Simplify the onboarding of new customers in multi-tenant SaaS environments

        • Simplify extending BI to new departments

  • Benefits to End Users:

    • Advanced content sharing enables users to pick individuals whom they wish to share content with

    • Security subsystem makes it possible for tenant users to securely share content created in a common domain with their colleagues

  • WebFOCUS 8 Security: Built-in Domain Templates

    • WebFOCUS creates the required groups, resources, and security policy

    Thank You!

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