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WebFOCUS 8. May 2012. Brian Carter. Core Mission & Philosophy. Core Mission : Dedicated to provide the best platform and tools for creating and delivering large enterprise information systems Maintain and expand a wide range of capabilities – from data access to application development

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Webfocus 8

May 2012

Brian Carter

Core mission philosophy
Core Mission & Philosophy

  • Core Mission: Dedicated to provide the best platform and tools for creating and delivering large enterprise information systems

    • Maintain and expand a wide range of capabilities – from data access to application development

    • Continuous improvements in development efficiencies to reduce the cost and time to deliver enterprise information systems

  • Strategic Goals: Use the platform’s core strengths to power an ecosystem BI related technologies to allow customers to expand their information systems in new areas such as predictive analytics, search, etc.

Webfocus 8 architecture
WebFOCUS 8 Architecture

Web Browsers




Web Services





Web Server

Developer Studio

Application Server




BI Portal








Reporting Server




Web Services




Enabling self service for business users bi portal infoassist
Enabling Self Service for Business Users:BI Portal & InfoAssist

Infoassist new portal
InfoAssist & New Portal

Objective: Become highly competitive in the self-service market with enterprise level query, analysis & portal tools


  • BI Portal: Focus on engaging the BI consumer

    • Customizable: Let the users define how they consume content

    • Collaborative: Let the users define how they want to publish and share content

    • Componentized: Let the users define what widgets they want to add to their content pages.

  • InfoAssist: Single tool and single workflow to make the tool as easy and ubiquitous as Excel for the analytic BI user

    • Enhanced analytic capabilities

    • Enhanced interactive design capabilities


Infoassist new portal1
InfoAssist & New Portal


  • BIP & IA: Unifiedlook and feel and workflow

  • BIP: Targeted for designers, business and end users

    • WYSIWYG designer with robust layout options

    • Themes & dynamic report styling

    • Chart autofit within any screen/device size

  • InfoAssist:

    • New HTML 5 chart engine integration & multi-drill

    • Full AR styling and enhanced conditional styling

    • Relative Positioning

    • Tools consolidation –Advanced GA in IA

  • New: Multipage layouts, Sub-query support, more analytic functions, 508 output.

  • Integration of BIP with Social Media Sites

  • Mobile development in IA or Application Studio


Bi portal igoogle like user experience
BI Portal: iGoogle Like User Experience

Bi portal stylesheet inheritance
BI Portal: Stylesheet Inheritance

The new visualization engine benefits
The New Visualization Engine: Benefits

  • An entirely new unified visualization technology that is now being rolled out across our entire product line

  • The benefits:

    • WebFOCUS is the only platform that offers unified charting experience:

      • Single engine generates: HTML5, Flash, JPEG, PNG

      • The exact same chart experience in all output formats: Active Technologies, HTML5, Flex, PDF

      • The same set of properties and syntax for all IBI products

    • A high level of visual sophistication:

      • Gradients

      • Animations

    • Works in all browsers including mobile

    • Easily expandable and customizable:

      • Allows IBI consultants and BI developers to quickly meet customer requirements by adding custom properties and features

Infoassist webapps development via at html5
InfoAssist: WebApps Development via AT & HTML5

Infoassist multi page documents
InfoAssist: Multi-Page Documents

Advanced data visualization going forward plan
Advanced Data Visualization: Going Forward Plan

Objective: Create an IA module for advanced visualization (AV) to address raising self-service needs, customer requirements & competitive pressure


  • Foundation is set via HTML5 chart engine

  • All new development: First release targeted for Q3

  • Differentiators:

    • New Module of InfoAssist:

      • Single tool for reports, documents, dashboards, and AV

      • Unified UI and design work flow to minimize training

        • Simple workflow that is already very similar to QlikView

      • Dimensional interactions like in Visual Discovery

      • New pivot and combination charts that increase drastically the dimensional analysis

      • Work against any data source


Infoassist visual discovery l ike a nalysis
InfoAssist: Visual Discovery Like Analysis

Infoassist new dimensional combination charts
InfoAssist: New Dimensional Combination Charts

Infoassist new dimensional pivot charts
InfoAssist: New Dimensional Pivot Charts

Next generation graphs under consideration
Next Generation Graphs Under Consideration

Lexical Diversity

Re-Posting Paths

Social Connectedness

Lexical Frequencies

Streaming Frequencies

Webfocus 8 security enhancements drive saas personalization
WebFOCUS 8 Security Enhancements Drive SaaS & Personalization

Webfocus 8 security
WebFOCUS8 Security

  • New DBMS-based repository for WebFOCUS, ReportCaster, and Managed Reporting:

    • New hierarchical object-based repository called Information Builders File System (IBFS)

    • Frees customers from fixed folders, folder depth, file names

    • Simplifies administration and system backup over previous version

  • Key features and benefits of IBFS

    • Fine-grained control over role definition and permission assignments

    • Security policies can be applied on any IBFS object including users, groups, folders, reports, portals, report server nodes, etc.

    • Supports inheritance

    • Supports Multi-tenancy and group administration

  • New auditing captures user logon activity and administrative actions

  • Objective: Provide a robust security model that facilitates SaaS & PaaS, Deep personalization, and simplified administrations

    Webfocus 8 security1
    WebFOCUS 8 Security

    • Benefits for the Administrator:

      • User authorization integration with LDAP groups

        • Automatic account creation & log-in synchronization

      • Group administration:

      • Create groups to manage ReportCaster and BI Portal resources

    • Resource Templates:

      • Predefined templates for groups, content folders, roles and policies

        • Simplify the onboarding of new customers in multi-tenant SaaS environments

        • Simplify extending BI to new departments

  • Benefits to End Users:

    • Advanced content sharing enables users to pick individuals whom they wish to share content with

    • Security subsystem makes it possible for tenant users to securely share content created in a common domain with their colleagues

  • Webfocus 8 security built in domain templates
    WebFOCUS 8 Security: Built-in Domain Templates

    • WebFOCUS creates the required groups, resources, and security policy