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fhiy NjhWk; fHj;jNd- GJ fpUigia jpdk; nghopfpd;wPNu - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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fhiy NjhWk; fHj;jNd- GJ fpUigia jpdk; nghopfpd;wPNu. ek; Njtd; ey;ytNu kh Njtd; ty;ytNu ck; r%fk; vdf;fhde;jNk. Mopapd; miyfs; XahJ Nghy; md;gpd; miyfs; vOk;GNk kiyfs; tpyFk; gHtjk; mfYk; khwh ck; fpUig ePq;fplhNj.

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Presentation Transcript
Fhiy njhwk fhj jnd gj fpuigia jpdk nghopfpd wpnu

fhiy NjhWk; fHj;jNd- GJfpUigia jpdk; nghopfpd;wPNu

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ek; Njtd; ey;ytNukh Njtd; ty;ytNuck; r%fk; vdf;fhde;jNk

Mopapd miyfs xahj nghy md gpd miyfs vok gnk kiyfs tpyfk ghtjk mfyk khwh ck fpuig epq fplhnj

Mopapd; miyfs; XahJ Nghy;md;gpd; miyfs; vOk;GNkkiyfs; tpyFk; gHtjk; mfYk;khwh ck; fpUig ePq;fplhNj

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Mjp mjprak; mw;Gjq;fs;ty;yik ehDk; fz;blNtkfpikapy; rhay;mzpe;J ehDk;kdjpy; kW &gkhfpLNtd;

rigapd; eLtpy;ty;yik tpsq;fre;jjk; Xq;Fk; Gfo; epw;frHt ty;ytNu ck;md;gpd; khHgpy;rha;e;jpLNtd; ehd; vd;nwd;Wkha;

fdpkukha; nropj;jplNtfHj;jNu ckJ ngyd; jhUk;fhyh fhyj;jpy; gyidf; nfhLf;ffz;lzp Nghy; vd;idf; fhj;jpLtPH

Hjpfs eltpy ck dnk fyq fiu tpsf fha jpfont vhpak jpgq fs njhlhe j vhpa mf fpd mtp cw wpltph

[hjpfs; eLtpy; ck; [dNkfyq;fiu tpsf;fha; jpfoNtvhpAk; jPgq;fs; njhlHe;J vhpamf;fpd; Mtp Cw;wpLtPH