The norwegian ferrybox network and stakeholder needs
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The Norwegian Ferrybox network and stakeholder needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Norwegian Ferrybox network and stakeholder needs. Norwegian Institute for Water Research Henning Wehde large group of people in NIVA contributing to monitoring activities. Geomor-NIVA. NIVA-group: 240 NIVA: 192 Akvaplan-niva: 43 Geomor-NIVA: 5. NIVA-Tech AS.

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The norwegian ferrybox network and stakeholder needs

The Norwegian Ferrybox networkand stakeholder needs

Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Henning Wehde

large group of people in NIVA contributing to monitoring activities


NIVA-group: 240

NIVA: 192

Akvaplan-niva: 43

Geomor-NIVA: 5


Subsidiary in Tromsø:

Subsidiary in Gdansk:

NIVA’s regional offices:

- Trondheim- Hamar - Bergen - Grimstad

Subsidiary in Stokholm:


”AquaBiota AB”

University for Env. &


Marine research station Solbergstrand


  • Stakeholder needs

  • The Ferrybox network in Norwegian waters and additional monitoring activities

  • Data dissemination and web portals

  • Conclusions

Stakeholder needs
Stakeholder needs

  • Knowledge on supply of pollutants and undesired species

  • Concentration and transport within the norwegian waters

  • Monitoring of algal blooms, eutrophication and particles

  • Air pollution

  • Supply of pollutants from Oil and gas industry

Stakeholder needs i
Stakeholder needs I

  • Discharges and transport of pollutants to norwegian waters from all possible sources

    • From land and rivers

    • From air national and international

    • Long transported

    • Oil and gas industry

    • Shiptrafik

    • Natural discharges from the bottom

    • Suspension/Resuspension of sediments

Stakeholder needs ii
Stakeholder needs II

  • Long term monitoring environment quality for coastal areas (WFD)

  • Algal concentrations and changes in species composition

  • Nutrients

  • Soft and hardbottom fauna

  • hydrography

Ferrybox in norwegian waters
Ferrybox in Norwegian waters

Norbjørn, NIVA/Akvaplan-niva

Trollfjord, NIVA/Akvaplan-niva

Vesterålen, IMR


NIVA/FRS/ Univ. Rhode Island



Color Fantasy,




Circulation variability ferrybox nor nna
Circulation variability Ferrybox Norönna

Two months

sailings from


Temperature °C

.indicate 100km intervals

Niva s standard system example from color fantasy oslo kiel

Separate water intake and outlet

4 meters depth

Pump-Axflow 2l/min

Pressostat control

ISCO water sampler (24/14 L bottles)

Remotely or fixed positions

Wet sensor closet(s)

Measurements - one minute

Electronics closet

Com (RS232) port server with LAN communication (under testing)

PC with Internet or GPRS comm.

LAN communication to deck

Labview software

NIVA’s standard system Example from Color Fantasy (Oslo-Kiel)

Color Fantasy (and Trollfjord) has a

small laboratory for testing of new sensors,

work underway (Freezer, filtr. unit e.g.)

Instruments and sensors

Temp-Inlet (SBE31)

Temp/salinity (SBE45)

Oxygen (Optode, AADI)

Turbidity (Polymetron)

Chl-a_Fl (TriOS)

Phycocyanin (TriOS)



Air-pressure cleaning - harbour

Weekly manually cleaning

Instruments and sensors

Deck sensors satellite validation and atmosphere optical properties

Downwelling irradiance

Downwelling radiance

Air pressure

Upwelling radiance

Irradiance and UV sensor from TRiOS

Two (port and starboard) downwelling TriOS radiance Ramses sensors

Two (port and starboard) upwelling TRiOS Ramses sensors

Deck sensors Satellite validation and atmosphere optical properties

Scanning infrared sea surface temperature radiometer sister
Scanning Infrared Sea surface Temperature Radiometer - SISTeR

Skin SST

  • 3 narrow-band filters centred at 3.7µm, 10.8µm and 12.0µm

  • can differ significantly from the bulk SST especially during the day and at low wind speeds.

  • Upwelling radiances from the sea surface

  • downwelling sky radiances and precipitation for correcting for emissivity of the sea surface

Sensors under testing or under consideration
Sensors under testing or under consideration SISTeR

Analysator for PO4, NO3, SiO2

Optical sensor for oil (PAH)

Optical sensor for CO2

Optical sensor for NO3

pCO2 systems

Passive samplers, e.g. SPMD or DGT Test in 2009

  • Others:

  • Radioactivity

  • pH

Nuka Arctica – ship-mounted ADCP since 1999 SISTeR

RDI ADCP – 75kHz

Nearly 50 sections in total (1999-2002):

South ~59°N

North ~61°N


Collaboration with the Univ. of Bergen

Examples of application

Examples of Application SISTeR

Monitoring and satellite product validation

Oslofjord monitoring program

Sampling from Ferrybox SISTeR

Oslofjord monitoring program



Sampling from traditional research cruises

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Des

Phytoplankton Spring bloom in 2007 February 2008

captured by MS Color Festival











Acid rain sn
Acid rain (SN) February 2008

Long transported air pollution
Long transported air pollution February 2008

  • Sampling in water to get estimates of deposition

  • 80 lakes with annual sampling

  • 7 stations with weekly sampling

  • 2 rivers with monthly sampling

Rid riverine input and direct discharges to norwegian coastal waters
RID February 2008Riverine input and direct discharges to Norwegian coastal waters

  • Supply of pollutants and nutrients to norwegian coastal areas

  • 10 main rivers

  • 36 additional rvers

  • Theoretical implementation (modelling) of not monitored rivers


EC-InterRisk (FP6) February 2008Interoperable GMES services for environmental risk management in marine and coastal areas of Europe.

Towards an integrated system for operational management of the environment
Towards an integrated system for operational management of February 2008 the environment

Forecasting, NERSC



Risk management

Satellite data


in situ Control


Summary February 2008

  • Requirements of stakeholders

  • Operational monitoring work at NIVA

    • Ferrybox

    • National monitoring programm

    • Acid rain

    • Long transported pollution

    • River runoff

    • CEMP

    • Dissemination of data