Lesson nine quick fix society
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Lesson Nine Quick Fix Society. Janet Mendell Goldstein. Warming-up: Discussion. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the quick pace of cotemporary life?. Background Information.

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Lesson Nine Quick Fix Society

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Lesson NineQuick Fix Society

Janet Mendell Goldstein

Warming-up: Discussion

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the quick pace of cotemporary life?

Background Information

  • 1 Confederate(邦联):referring to the 11 secessionist states in southern America during the Civil War with its capital in Richmond(里士满). Its rival was called Union.

  • 2.Pennsylvania

    A state of the eastern United States. It was admitted as one of the original Thirteen Colonies in 1787. First explored in the early 1600's, the region was settled by Swedes in 1634 and granted by royal charter to William Penn in 1681.

  • Pennsylvania played a crucial role in the American Revolution and in the formation of the new republic. Harrisburg is the capital and Philadelphia the largest city. Philadelphia locates on the west bank of Delaware. The site was selected by William Penn with the name of “city of brotherly love”. It was “the birthplace of the nation” and the Declaration of Independence was signed here. Another major city is Pittsburgh.

  • 3.Fifth Symphony


  • Three quick Gs and a long E-flat-----Ludwig von Beethoven’s Fifth symphony just could be the most memorable musical phrase of all time. But that’s just the first five seconds. As for the rest, in nearly every note, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony tops the list of favorites. Clearly, Beethoven crafted something universal and powerful that reverberates with ageless significance in every listener regardless of their depth of musical culture.

  • With his classics, represented by Fate, Beethoven ushered in a new era of music, the Romanticism.

  • 4.Quality Time

  • The use of “quality time” is very popular in nowadays USA. To most people, it means concentrated, uninterrupted time spent with family members and friends. This time should be made use of with high quality to make up for the time lost in quantity.

  • Expectations of quality time are usually high and people are encouraged to schedule their quality time. But mostly families failed to reattain the happiness in the past when all the members spent a long time together and lives were more leisure.

    e.g.: She regards her hour with her daughter at bedtime as quality time.

Words and phrases:

1. defer to: (formal) to agree (to accept) because of respect

  • 遵从; 顺从 We’ll defer to whatever the committee decides.

  • The department deferred the decision for six months.

2. digest: (v.) to assimilate; to absorb 消化; 吸收

  • Humans can’t digest plants such as grass.

  • To digest what we have learnt in time is very important.

3. go Dutch: to pay one's own expenses

  • Dutch can also means Netherlands.

    4. a gorgeous girl; gorgeous view; gorgeous weather

5. ignore: If you ignore someone or something, you pay no attention to them.

  • e.g. I tried to tell her but she ignored me.

    6.infect: to infect people, animals, or plants means to cause them to have a disease or illness.

  • e.g.One of the boys had a fever and he soon infected his classmates.

7. quick fix n. (slang) a hastily contrived remedy that alleviates a problem only for the time being 权宜之计:一个匆匆想出的、能暂时缓和问题的对策 

  • Fast roads in the U.S.

  • Highways: connect cities

  • Superhighways: a road with six or more lanes

  • Interstate highways: connect cities in different states

  • Freeways: roads within a city

  • Expressways: fast roads in or near cities

  • Turnpike: pay money before you use it.

8. contract, condense, compress

  • To contract is to draw together, especially by an internal force, with a resultant reduction in size, extent, or volume: 通过收紧使…尺寸缩小;收缩

  • Condense refers to a reduction in volume and an increase in compactness: 浓缩,凝缩;缩短,摘要

  • Compress applies to increased compactness brought about by pressing or squeezing; the term implies reduction in volume and change of form or shape: 压缩(以便置于较小空间)

    The pupil(瞳孔)of the eye dilates(扩大) and contracts in response to light.

    She sat on the lid of the suitcase to compress the clothes.

    The chairman condensed all the suggestions put forward into a single plan of action.

9. slide, slip, glide

  • Slide所表示的“滑动”含有这样几层意思:光滑的面接触,通常为加速运动。用于比喻时,表示不自主地陷入某种习惯等

  • Slip所表示的“滑”与slide相比,接触面更滑,但不像slide那样持续地滑动,而是突然的或短暂的滑动,如滑倒。

  • Glide可以像slide那样持续地滑,但不一定像slide那样以面接触进行滑动。鸟在天空中翱翔,小船在水面荡漾,都可以用glide表示, 运动看似毫不费力

    The ship slide down into the water.

    A submarine glide silently through the water.一艘潜水艇无声地在水中滑行。

    He slipped on a patch of ice and sprained his ankle. 他在一块冰上滑了一跤,扭伤了脚踝。

Structure of the text

  • Part I Introduction (para.1-3) The writer compares her ride on fast roads and her return trip of a country road. The contrast mad her thinking whether there was sth. wrong with American’ quick fix lifestyle.

  • Part II Body (para.4-6) Three ways Americans seek a quick fix.

  • Part Ⅲ Conclusion (para.7-8) Let’s slow down and enjoy what nature offers us and what mankind has left us and rediscover life.

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