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HOUSEKEEPING & 5 “S” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOUSEKEEPING & 5 “S”. Housekeeping does not mean only cleanliness, it means much more than only cleanliness. It means cleanliness, tidiness and much more……. Good housekeeping means cleanliness, tidiness and…. Place for every thing & Every thing in it’s place. Why good housekeeping?.

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good housekeeping means cleanliness tidiness and

Good housekeeping means cleanliness, tidiness and…

Place for every thing


Every thing in it’s place

why good housekeeping
Why good housekeeping?






Good housekeeping


how does good housekeeping help
How does good housekeeping help?

Inventory of every item

Get rid of unwanted material

Place for every thing

Why do we need?

Low inventory means less cost

how does good housekeeping help1
How does good housekeeping help?

Identification system in the dept.

Searching time is eliminated

Every thing in it’s place

Discipline in the dept.

Improved productivity & high moral


Therefore, the first step towards good housekeeping will be to identify if there is a place for every thing in the department, and if every thing is in it’s place.

Are you ready for this exercise?

1st step in housekeeping.doc

an introduction to 5 s

An introduction to 5 “S”

It is a participative programme

an introduction to 5 s1

An introduction to 5 “S”

5 “S” is a systematic approach to good housekeeping

an introduction to 5 s2

An introduction to 5 “S”

The concept of good housekeeping has been with Japanese for a very long time. At home and school, children are disciplined to adhere to good housekeeping

an introduction to 5 s3

An introduction to 5 “S”

It was only in the early 1980s that good housekeeping became a pertinent issue in japanese industries, as companies realised its powerful contribution to productivity and quality improvement.

an introduction to 5 s4

An introduction to 5 “S”

The basis for good housekeeping in Japanese companies is a concept popularly known as 5S. This stands for five good housekeeping concepts in Japanese.

why 5 s is popular in japan
Why 5 S is popular in Japan?
  • Workplace becomes clean and better organised,
  • Shop floor and office operations becomes safer and easier.
  • Results are visible.
  • Employees are highly motivated.

Management’s commitment

Management’s involvement

Self sustaining

5 S

Participation by all


By all

    • Make a list of all the items in the department.
    • The list should include raw material, wip, finished product, tools, tackles, dust bin, facilities like chair, table, bins etc. nothing should be left unlisted.
    • Appropriate authority should decide which items can be disposed off and which items need to be kept in the department.
    • Items marked for disposal should be disposed off in a safe manner.
    • Clean every thing including material, floor, containers, walls, windows etc.
    • If necessary painting also should be done.
    • While painting follow colour codes wherever applicable.
    • Insist on regular cleaning at the end of the work
    • After disposing unwanted material, provide appropriate place for every item that has to be kept in the department.
    • While providing the place the ergonomic factors and safety aspects have also to be considered.
    • Place for movement of men and material should also be provided.
    • Place should be distinctly identified and marked.
    • Place for display of instructions, posters etc. should also be identified.
  • Maintain high standards of housekeeping at workplace at all times.
    • Ensure that people keep the items at designated place after it’s use.
    • If possible, design the system such that if some thing is missing from the place, it is easily highlighted
  • Train people to follow good housekeeping discipline.
    • Train people in 5 S, housekeeping etc.
    • Lead by example.
    • Maintain discipline in every aspect
role of top management in 5 s implementation
Role of top management in 5 “S” implementation
  • Play the role of mentor
  • Initiate the 5S programme
  • Provide resources
  • Appreciate the efforts
role of middle and line management in 5 s implantation
Role of middle and line management in 5 “S” implantation
  • Play the role of facilitator
  • Take initiative in his area of work
  • Train the people in 5S
  • Give the feedback
role of employees in 5 s implementation
Role of employees in 5 “S” implementation
  • Participate actively.
  • Give suggestions.
  • Respect the opinion of others.
  • Be a good team player, and
  • Maintain discipline