Name victoria montemayor class period 3
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Title: The Abduction Author: Gordon Korman Date/Year Published: May 2006 Genre: Mystery PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: Victoria Montemayor Class Period:3. Title: The Abduction Author: Gordon Korman Date/Year Published: May 2006 Genre: Mystery. Setting.

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Title: The Abduction Author: Gordon Korman Date/Year Published: May 2006 Genre: Mystery

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Name: Victoria MontemayorClass Period:3

Title: The AbductionAuthor: Gordon KormanDate/Year Published: May 2006Genre: Mystery


  • The children are at school in recess. The parents just got out of jail. The children have been delinquents since their parents are Virginia's most hated people. They have been chased and hunted by cops but have seem to have kept them away. They live in a two story house. It doesn’t say the date though.


  • Louise Falconer is the mother, and John Falconer is the father.

  • Aiden is the son, he is tall with orangish blonde hair. He is very smart and intelligent.

  • Meg is the daughter she has brown hair, smart and funny but she takes memories into reality.

  • Richie is a friend of Aiden's and he is very helpful along the way, he always wears his Greenville cubs hat and jacket.

  • Meg has gotten taken or abducted by kidnappers, but why did the kidnappers take her For ransom? Did they want her dead? Are they one of their families haters? Meg tries to free her self but something always gets in the way to freedom!

Plot: Conflict

  • The kidnappers want ransom, so Aiden is going to risk his life to save his sister. The kidnappers demanded the money and know back up, but officers hid back up everywhere. It wasn’t that god of a plan the kidnapper almost got away with money but family had no Meg.

Plot: Resolution

Your Opinion

  • I think it was a very exciting Mystery book, because they never got her back in this book. It will be very exiting to read the next one. The book caught my attention and I wanted to read it even more. I cant wait for the next book!!!!!

About the Author

  • Gordon went to high school in Thornhill Ontario.

  • He doesn’t have a favorite among his books.

  • He also cracks himself up while writing-laughs at his own jokes.

  • He was a B+ student in school.

  • His favorite books as a kid were “The Great Brain Series”.


  • Who was the cop who was willing to help the family?

  • Where has Meg been?

  • How did Meg communicate with the outside world?

  • Who is Rufus Sehorn?

  • How did the FBI hear the ransom exchange and know what's going on?


  • A young girl, Meg Falconer, was kidnapped while walking home. The FBI is by the family's side, to find out they will give her back for ransom. Meg has to find a way out!

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