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Blue Peter
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Blue Peter Presentation. Video. By Stephen Collingwood & Pete Long. History. - Blue Peter was first aired on 16 October 1958. - The name ‘Blue Peter’ came from the flag used by sailors indicating that their ship was about to sail.

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Blue Peter Presentation

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Blue peter presentation

Blue Peter



By Stephen Collingwood

& Pete Long

Blue peter presentation


- Blue Peter was first aired on 16 October 1958.

- The name ‘Blue Peter’ came from the flag used by sailors indicating that their ship was about to sail.

- The first colour edition went out on the 14th September 1970 and the last black and white one was on the 24th June 1974.

Blue peter presentation

Guests & Hosts

  • The usual format over the years was to have a mix of genders hosting the show.

  • The first two presenters were Christopher Trace, an actor, and Leila Williams, winner of Miss Great Britain in 1957.

  • The most recent presenters are Barney, Helen and Andy.

  • Christopher Trace

  • Leila Williams

  • Anita West

  • Valerie Singleton

  • John Noakes

  • Peter Purves

  • Lesley Judd

  • Simon Groom

  • Christopher Wenner

  • Tina Heath

  • Sarah Greene

Peter Duncan

PD 2nd Stint

Janet Ellis

Michael Sundin

Mark Curry

Caron Keating

Yvette Fielding

John Leslie

Diane-Louise Jordan

Anthea Turner

Tim Vincent

Stuart Miles

Katy Hill

Romana D'Annunzio

Richard Bacon


Simon Thomas

Matt Baker

Liz Barker

Zoe Salmon

Gethin Jones

Andy Akinwolere

Blue peter presentation

Content and ratings

  • -Blue Peter was popular from the outset and over time more features were added like competitions, cartoons, documentaries and stories.

  • -Programmes at the time were mainly studio based

  • -The programme is broadcast live and is famous for its live music and dance performances and its ‘makes’ which demonstrates how to construct useful objects.

  • -Time is also often given over to read letters and to show pictures sent in by viewers.

  • Since 2008 the amount of viewers has declined by over two thirds, dropping from 335,000 to lower than 100,000 viewers.

  • Ratings for all of the BBC's children's programmes have suffered since they were moved forward in the schedule to make way for The Weakest Link on BBC One.

  • - The decline in viewers for Blue Peter is also being linked to children choosing to watch cartoons on digital channels instead.

Blue peter presentation

Analysis Feedback

  • - One of the things that has kept this show running so long is it's variey and wide range of topics they explore.

  • They venture out to other countries too to see how they live and their cultures.

  • I was flicking through the channels last week and Blue Peter was on so I thought I'd have a look. Waste of my time! The show is not what it used to be.

  • “It was a good show but I grew out of it. It’s for kids really isn’t it?” – Jed

  • “It’s not that bad but the fact they talk about a specific topic makes it hard to remain interested in each, individual show.” - Sanj

Blue peter presentation


Blue peter presentation

Evaluation of research

  • The use of books was not efficient as the library did not have a wide range of books. It was also hard to find books that were appropriate for the topic.

  • The internet was a good source of information and also packed full of online reviews about Blue Peter. The information from websites like Wiki was abundant but unreliable.

  • We gathered a quick set of Vox Pops which gave us some primary research. The age range which we asked was useful as it gave us a comparison to the reviews that had been written by an older generation.

Blue peter presentation


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