Where did these political symbols come from
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Where did these Political Symbols come from???. Political Images – Donkey Democrat Symbol. Presidential candidate Andrew Jackson was 1st Democrat to be associated with the donkey symbol.

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Political images donkey democrat symbol
Political Images – DonkeyDemocrat Symbol

  • Presidential candidate

    Andrew Jackson was 1st

    Democrat to be associated

    with the donkey symbol.

  • His opponents during the 1828 election tried to label him a “jackass” for his Populist beliefs “Let the people rule”

  • Andrew Jackson found it amusing and used the donkey on his campaign posters!

  • Political Cartoonist Thomas

    Nast is credited with making

    the donkey the recognized

    symbol of the Democratic


Political images elephant republican symbol
Political Images – ElephantRepublican Symbol

  • Thomas Nast is also

    responsible for the

    Republican Party symbol

  • Nast drew a political cartoon about a donkey clothed in lion’s skin, scaring away all of the animals in a zoo

  • One of the animals was labeled “The Republican Vote” and it stuck.

Political images ballot box
Political Images - Ballot Box

  • Practice of secret voting

  • Dates back to Ancient


    • used black and white balls

    • white - yes, black - no

    • placed into a bag so no

      one wouldknow your vote

Political images uncle sam
Political Images print and distributed ballots to voters - Uncle Sam

  • Cartoon representing the

    government of the US

  • Character began to appear in

    newspapers and magazines

    around the 19th century

    Over the years, he has evolved into

    tall, white-haired man with a beard

    dressed in red, white and blue

  • Uncle Sam was modeled after print and distributed ballots to votersSamuel Wilson, a meat supplier

  • The US government bought their meat from Sam during the War of 1812

  • Stamped his meat US and

    became known as

    “Uncle Sam”