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Proposed National Unified Goal For Traffic Incident Management Working Together for Improved Safety, Clearance and Communications. Overview. What is the National TIM Coalition? Where did the concept of the National Unified Goal for TIM come from?

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National Unified Goal

For Traffic Incident Management

Working Together for Improved

Safety, Clearance and Communications


  • What is the National TIM Coalition?

  • Where did the concept of the National Unified Goal for TIM come from?

  • What is the Goal & how will it be attained?

  • How will the Goal support state & local TIM programs?

Origins of the NTIMC

  • 1960’s& 70’s

    • Freeway Traffic Management Systems

    • Pilot Freeway Service Patrols

  • 1980’s

    • More Freeway Service Patrols

    • USDOT TIM Handbooks of Best Practices

  • 1990’s

    • TIM Research & National Committees

    • Nationwide Metro TIM Conferences

  • 2000’s

    • National TIM Conference (2002)

    • Formation of the NTIMC (2004)

Ntimc member organizations
NTIMC Member Organizations

  • Transportation (AASHTO, ATA/ATRI, ATSSA, FHWA, ITE, ITSA, I-95 CC, TRB, AMPO)

  • Fire & Rescue (Emergency Responder Safety Institute, IAFC, IAFF, IFSTA, NFPA, NVFC, USFA)

  • Emergency Medical Services (NASEMSO)

  • Public Safety Communications (APCO, NENA)

  • Towing & Recovery (TRAA, AAA)

  • Law Enforcement (IACP)

Ntimc early actions
NTIMC Early Actions

  • High Visibility Vest Standard for

    Public Safety Responders

  • Input to Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices

  • NCHRP Research Guidance & Recommendations

  • European Scanning Tour

European tim scan tour locations visited
European TIM Scan Tour:Locations Visited

Two weeks in April 2005

  • Countries & cities

    • England

      • Birmingham

    • Germany

      • Ahrweiler, Cologne, Bergisch-Gladbach

    • The Netherlands

      • Delft, Arnhem

    • Sweden

      • Stockholm

Concept of a national unified goal
Concept of a “National Unified Goal”

  • Consensus document vs Federal policy mandate

  • Field-up vs Top-down

  • Fundamental “20-80” vs Comprehensive vision

  • Actionable vs Idealistically constitutional

  • Flexible & incremental vs Rigid “all or nothing”

Nug development process
NUG Development Process

  • Listening Sessions – Summer, 2006

  • Topical TIM Expert White Papers – Fall, 2006

  • “Strawman” Draft NUG – Fall, 2006

  • NUG Development Conference – November, 2006

  • NUG Finalization – January-February, 2006

  • NTIMC Release of Proposed NUG - March, 2007

  • NUG Ratification by Coalition Organizations - Underway

  • Release of Final NUG at Joint Press Event- Fall,2007

What is the national unified goal traffic incident management
What is the National Unified GoalTraffic Incident Management?

The Traffic Incident Management National Unified GOAL is:

Responder Safety;

Safe, Quick Clearance; and

Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications.

Nug framework
NUG Framework



12 Core


6 Foundational

Cross-cutting Strategies

Nug objective 1 responder safety
NUG Objective 1Responder Safety

  • Responder deaths and injuries are an increasing concern.

    • >300 law enforcement officers die in vehicle incidents each year.

    • >20% annual firefighter deaths occur on roadways.

    • 5 towing industry struck-by deaths in first 3 months of 2006.

Nug objective 1 responder safety1
NUG Objective 1Responder Safety

NUG Strategies for promoting Responder Safety are:

  • Recommended Practices for Responder Safety;

  • Move Over / Slow Down Laws; and

  • Driver Training and Awareness.

Nug objective 2 safe quick clearance
NUG Objective 2Safe, Quick Clearance

  • Non-recurring traffic incidents account for one-fourth of congestion and delay.

  • 1 minute of Interstate lane blockage = 4 minutes of delay.

  • TIM promotes quicker clearance, but not at the expense of responder safety, or of achievement of the missions of all responders.

Nug objective 2 safe quick clearance1
NUG Objective 2Safe, Quick Clearance

NUG Strategies for promoting Safe, Quick Clearance are:

  • Multidisciplinary TIM Procedures;

  • Response and Clearance Time Goals; and

  • 24 / 7 Availability.

Nug objective 3 prompt reliable interoperable communications
NUG Objective 3Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications

Improving incident communications is essential to achieving other goals.

Because incident communications is both important and complex, it is highlighted as the third NUG objective.

Nug objective 3 prompt reliable interoperable communications1

NUG Strategies for promoting Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications are:

Multidisciplinary Communications Practices & Protocols

Prompt, Reliable Responder Notification

Interoperable Voice and Data Networks

Broadband Emergency Communications Systems

Prompt, Reliable Traveler Information Systems

Partnerships with News Media and Information Providers

NUG Objective 3Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications

6 nug cross cutting foundation strategies
6 NUG Cross-Cutting Communications are:“Foundation” Strategies

6 NUG Strategies are cross-cutting. These strategies are the foundation for achieving all 3 major objectives of the NUG.

  • Multidisciplinary NIMS-based TIM Training

  • Awareness & Education Partnerships

  • TIM Technology

  • Goals for Performance and Progress

  • Effective TIM Policies

  • State & Regional TIM Partnerships and Programs

How will we achieve the national unified goal
How Will We Achieve the Communications are:National Unified Goal ?

NTIMC will achieve the three major objectives of the National Unified Goal by implementing 18 strategies through the following Immediate Actions:

  • “Officially” approve NUG for media rollout event

  • Define & document recommended practices

  • Define themes for public awareness

  • Support a pilot multidisciplinary training program

Nug value to tim programs
NUG Value to TIM Programs Communications are:

  • Less costly program development, avoid reinventing the wheel

  • More efficient & consistent training

  • Framework for comparing efforts & practices

  • Common tools for TIM program promotion

  • Leveraged national opportunities for driver awareness

Tim opportunities threats
TIM Opportunities & Threats Communications are:


  • Resonance with NIMS

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Program Linkages – Safety, Freight, Work Zones


  • Lack of Respect

  • Lack of Trust

  • Arrogance

For more information
FOR MORE INFORMATION Communications are:

  • NTIMC Web Site

    • Proposed NUG

    • Proposed NUG Detail

    • NUG Technical Papers

  • [email protected]