Cooperation among evaluation units in multilateral ifis
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COOPERATION AMONG EVALUATION UNITS IN MULTILATERAL IFIs. Gregory K. Ingram Chair, Evaluation Cooperation Group Marrakech – February, 2004. Background. Established in 1996 to strengthen cooperation among IFI Evaluators and to and to harmonize evaluation methodologies,

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Gregory K. Ingram

Chair, Evaluation Cooperation Group

Marrakech – February, 2004


Established in 1996 to strengthen cooperation among IFI

Evaluators and to and to harmonize evaluation methodologies,

the ECG includes as members:

  • African Development Bank

  • Asian Development Bank

  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • European Investment Bank

  • Inter-American Development Bank Group

  • International Monetary Fund

  • World Bank Group

  • And as Observers: Chairs of U.N. Evaluation Group and of OECD/DAC Evaluation Network

ECG’s mandate

  • Strengthen the use of evaluation for greater development effectiveness and accountability

  • Share and disseminate lessons learned

  • Harmonize performance indicators, methods, and approaches

  • Enhance evaluation professionalism of members and collaborate with evaluation units in bilateral and multilateral institutions

  • Facilitate partner countries’ involvement in evaluations and promote in-country evaluation capacity development

Good Practice Standards to harmonize project evaluation

  • Good Practice Standards agreed for evaluation of Private Sector Operations (2001) and Public Sector Operations (2002)

  • Evaluation practices for private sector investment operations benchmarked on Good Practice Standards in 2002; updated in 2004

  • Good Practice Standards to be used to benchmark Public Sector Operations evaluation practice

Shared approaches to new topics

  • Policy Based Lending: A paper underway summarizes

    existing evaluation practices among MDBs for policy

    based (including adjustment) lending

  • Country Programs: Members are sharing approaches for evaluating country programs

  • Evaluability: Developing criteria to design operations and policies so they can be evaluated in a results oriented framework

Governance and practice

  • ECG members share information on their governance, oversight, independence, budgets, and work programs (

  • Independence has increased: Many ECG members now report directly to their Boards and have more independent budget processes

  • ECG members promote self-evaluation as an input into their independent evaluations

Capacity building and training

  • Participate in the International Program for Development Evaluation Training

  • Provide MDB-to-MDB support to transfer evaluation skills and facilitate harmonization

  • Collaborate in building evaluation capacity in Africa, with support from bilateral donors (Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, DFID)

  • Support evaluation professionalism, such as through the International Development Evaluation Association

Joint evaluation activities

  • Country programs: Peru, Lesotho, Rwanda

  • Sectors: Ghana transport

  • Thematic topics: the Comprehensive Development Framework, Poverty Reduction Strategy PapersEmphasis has been on joint processes more than on joint products, and on reducing evaluation costs to client countries.

Work program priorities

  • Country program and country assistance evaluation methodology

  • Policy based lending evaluation methodology

  • Evaluation capacity development

  • Promoting clarification of and synergy between independent evaluation and self evaluation

  • Evaluability assessments of operations and policies

Going forward

  • Harmonizing evaluation is greatly facilitated by harmonization of upstream operations

  • Recent evaluations, such as that of the CDF, find much scope for harmonization in operations

  • Joint aid ventures—sector wide approaches and budget support—virtually require joint evaluation

  • New frontiers in development evaluation are global programs and the aid system itself.

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