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Hello my friends for today
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Hello, my friends. For today:. QuickWrite Write, Pair, Share Gatsby the Game What’s in a name? The Conclusion Critic’s Corner Symbolic Analysis Outlines. Owl Eyes. Important symbol or minor atmospheric device? Please cite the text in your exploration .

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Hello, my friends. For today:

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Hello my friends for today

Hello, my friends. For today:

  • QuickWrite

    • Write, Pair, Share

  • Gatsbythe Game

  • What’s in a name?

  • The Conclusion

  • Critic’s Corner

  • Symbolic Analysis Outlines

Owl eyes

Owl Eyes

  • Important symbol or minor atmospheric device?

  • Please cite the text in your exploration.

  • Consider: The Library, the fender bender, the funeral, etc.

Gatsby the game

Gatsby the Game

  • http://greatgatsbygame.com/

What s in a name

What’s in a name?

Discuss the significance of each title. Which aspect of the narrative does it foreground? With this in mind, why do you think Fitzgerald chose to give the novel its title?

  • Trimalchioin West Egg

  • Under the Red, White and Blue

  • Gold-hatted Gatsby

  • The High-bouncing Lover

  • On the Road to West Egg

  • Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires

    Looking back on all your notes, discussions and conclusions, what do you think would make a better title?

The conclusion

The Conclusion

  • We can judge the conclusion, perhaps, as beginning at “Gatsby’s house was still empty when I left.”

  • In-class rereads: 148 (ch 8) & 179 (ch 9)

  • First, assess how far it fulfills the conventional functions of the conclusion to a novel:

    • conflict resolution satisfying?

    • Characters show dynamism?

    • Denoument ties up loose ends?

The conclusion1

The Conclusion

  • How does the end of the novel highlight the importance of:

    • Storytelling

    • Cars

    • The past

    • Dreaming

Critic s corner

Critic’s Corner

  • “The Great Gatsby is too concerned with the lives of the rich to be of interest to the average reader.”

  • “The books biggest failure is the lack of a likeable central character.”

  • “The worst fault in the book is that no account is given of the emotional relations between Gatsby and Daisy from the time of their reunion to the catastrophe.”

  • “The Great Gatsby is one of the most important novels of the twentieth century, as it will have new relevance for everyone who reads it.”

Symbols in gatsby

Symbols in Gatsby

  • 5 minutes to check your notes regarding the importance of the following symbols throughout the text.

  • Wolfsheim’s cufflinks

  • Gatsby’s cars and clothes

  • Carraway’s Timetable (the guest list)

  • Weather

  • Time/Seasons

  • The ash heaps

  • The Green Light

  • East vs. West (nationally/locally)

  • Dan Cody

  • T. J. Eckleburg

  • Colors: Silver/Gold, White, Green

Literary analysis outline

Literary Analysis Outline

  • Intro

    • Attention Grabber

    • Background

    • Debatable Thesis

  • Body Paragraph 1, 2, 3

    • Topic sentence

    • Background

    • Evidence, citation

    • Inferences, conclusions tied back to your thesis

    • Transition

  • Conclusion

    • Final thoughts, no new evidence

    • Debunk other interpretations

    • Restate thesis and summarize evidence

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