Potentialization matrix releasing your full potential self
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Potentialization Matrix Releasing Your Full Potential Self PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Potentialization Matrix Releasing Your Full Potential Self. Scientific Weight Loss Principle. To lose the excess fat you must do 2 things: Create a caloric deficit equal to your SEE Complete 5 weekly specially designed workouts to improve mitochondria ( cellular energy )

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Potentialization Matrix Releasing Your Full Potential Self

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Potentialization Matrix Releasing Your Full Potential Self

Scientific Weight Loss Principle

  • To lose the excess fat you must do 2 things:

    Create a caloric deficit equal to your SEE

    Complete 5weekly specially designed workouts to

    • improve mitochondria (cellular energy)

    • preserve lean body mass (maximize fat loss)

      By following this Plan you will completely transform your physiology so you can eat an additional 500-1000 calories every day just to maintain your ideal body!

Simple and Highly Effective 3 Point Physical Combination

  • 2x Metabolic Resistance (Power)(bootcamp, gym, home, park)

  • 1-3x Metabolic Fitness (spinning, tabbing, cycling etc)

  • FlexAgility(mobility and agility exercises)

Powerful Food System

  • 3 day plans – all with shopping list & videos

    = 12+ Plans incl: 3FT, 500, low GL, low sugar, ORAC

  • ORAC and Anti Inflammatory for health

  • Quick ‘Weight’ Loss Version For Special Event

  • Build in Semi Fast Tactics (skip 2 meals)

    = hormonal advantage/anti aging/automatic caloric deficit

Incorporate JJ’sX5 ANTI AGING

  • Intermittent fasting (IF) for Active Longevity

  • Cellular Rejuvenation Diet Plan

  • Specific Exercise for Mitochondria efficiency

  • Specific Anti Aging Supplement Program

  • Resistance & Agility for Older Adults

    Combined System for Optimum NaturalGROWTH HORMONE Enhancement

Steps To Starting Your Diet

Steps To Starting Your Exercise

The Nutrigenic Principle

  • Caloric Deficit & Hormonal Manipulation

  • 12+ 3 Day Food Plans for Every Individual

  • Optional Supplementation Plan

  • You will loseup to 1 Stone EVERY 6 weeks

  • Targeted Disease Prevention & Elimination

  • Eat from all sources including Fat & Carbs

  • Guidelines for Basic & Ultra Health Choices

  • Cheat Day Every Week Essential To Fat Loss

Mental Alignment Training

  • FPS Entrainment

  • Living in the Stress Free now

  • Belief is a feeling of Certainty

  • Change is governed by motivation not ability


Mental Principles

  • How you feel is the meaning you give to something – you can control the meaning of any situation!

  • Thinking is simply the process of asking questions – ask and you shall ‘!’

  • You have to believe stressful thoughts before you can have stressful emotions!

What is your message? External World Success

  • Action controls your life


Mental Tools 1 – The Enquiry

What is concerning you?

  • Is it true?

  • How do you know it is true?

  • How do you react/act when you believe this thought?

  • Where would you be WITHOUT this thought?

    Turn it around – what if the opposite was true, how would you behave differently?

Universal Creed

  • YOU MUST BE before you can have

  • YOU MUST GIVE before you can get

  • YOU MUST SEE IT before you can create it

  • YOU MUST CONCENTRATE ON POSITIVE to eliminate negative (focus on its opposites)

  • Your Thoughts Do NOT control your life.. It is YOUR ACTIONS that control what you experience.

ENROL on the

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