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2. THE FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS (Sept. 5, 1774): Response to the Intolerable Acts Suffolk Resolves were sent to King George III, because the colonies did not recognize Parliaments power.

3. THE FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS The intolerable acts violate their rights as British subjects. Colonies will boycott English products. All colonies will form and train militias.

4. Minutemen: Ordinary Massachusetts citizens who would be ready to fight in a minutes notice.

5. LORD NORTHS COMPROMISE (1775) Parliament will not tax any colony whose inhabitants tax themselves for the purpose of contribution to a common defense.

6. ACTS of PARLIAMENT (1775) New England is excluded from fishing off the coast of Newfoundland and prohibited from all trade except with England and the West Indies. No arms or ammunition can be imported to New England.

7. THE START OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (1775-1781) LEXINGTON and CONCORD (April 19, 1775) [Map page 156]

8. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD General Tomas Gage sends 700 Redcoats under Lieutenant Francis Smith to take military supplies the minutemen have at Concord.

9. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott ride from Boston to warn of the British advance.

10. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD 77 minutemen gathered at Lexington start to break up when ordered by the British. The Shot Hear Around The World Who shot first? Unknown, but 8 Americans are killed and 10 are wounded as the British march to Concord.

11. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD At North Bridge, large group of minutemen see fire in Concord and storm North Bridge killing two Redcoats.

12. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD British flee. The Redcoats break ranks and retreat to Boston under sniper attack. 99 Redcoats killed. 49 Americans killed.

13. BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL (June 16, 1775) 16,000 American troops surround Boston and hold this strategic hill. The Redcoats attack with well trained troops.

14. BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL Either William Prescott or Israel Putman gave order, Dont shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!, because the Americans were running out of ammunition.

15. BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL Although the Redcoats eventually captured Bunker Hill, over 1,000 Redcoats were killed or wounded. American morale is uplifted.

16. FORT TICONDEROGA (May 10, 1775) Ethan Allan and Benedict Arnold together with the Green Mountain Boys capture this British fort.

17. FORT TICONDEROGA For the first time the Americans take a British fort and gain much needed large cannons.

18. BATTLE OF QUEBEC (December 1775) Benedict Arnold marches 1,000 troops through the wilderness of Maine to attack Quebec and control the St. Lawrence River. However, many died on the march and Arnolds attack was defeated by the British.


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