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F.A.S.T. Awareness

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F.A.S.T. Awareness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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F.A.S.T. Awareness.

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The “Delphi” technique helps TMs prepare for an important future meeting or major decision by gathering TM feedback before the team gets together to discuss matters. TMs provide advance feedback about how they think & feel about the major issues involved. Sometimes more than 1 round of such feedback is gathered, so that by meeting time, TMs are able to focus on the exact areas that need the most discussion: areas where the Delphi feedback indicated differences of viewpoints or feelings among the team as a whole.

How can F.A.S.T. use the “Delphi” technique to make better hiring decisions when it’s time to recruit new TMs?

Marty is too busy to handle mentoring new TMs all by himself; other TMs must assume leadership also.

F.A.S.T Wheels has a high quality of work-life environment to attract new TMs with unique teamwork capabilities.

Good team chemistry is just as important as good team skills and working synergy.

Ideally, teams should strive to build the job around the new TM rather than “bending and shaping” the new TM around a new job description.


The F.A.S.T. team indentified 2 key expectation of the new TM: (1) Be able to learn the jobs of other TMs within 4 months; (2) Be more of an EVE than an IVE.

The F.A.S.T. physical and virtual team has identified 5 potential candidates for joining F.A.S.T:


GARY HODGES: (mentioned by Delvon Kennard, Beaumont, TX Wheels agency):

Professional: Telemarketing, retail clerking Personal: 29 years old; lives in Beaumont; married

with 2 children


JoJoTrang: (recommended by a friend of F.A.S.T TM Ryan Rogers)

Professional: Fashion design degree, Dillard’s department manager

Personal: 26 years old; single; extraverted; likes rock-climbing

& travel


MARVIN THRONEBERRY: (named by Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce staff member VinithaArjay)

Professional: Home Depot assistant manager; decent car mechanic

Personal: 33 years old. Likes to play golf & basketball; highly


currently lives in Houston


TODD ROCHELLE: (mentioned by Dara Zaranj, part-time car messenger for F.A.S.T.)

Professional: Owned & operated a yard maintenance business for 2 years; former fireman & paramedic

Personal: 27years old; likes fishing & boating; married, no children


Estella Rivas: (recommended by Kari Finestein, Corpus Christi Health Care Coop)

Professional: 34 years old; owned & operated a spa for 3 years; top seller in San Antonio region for Mary Kay; excellent in sales promotions

Personal: Married for 2 years; living in Las Cruses, New Mexico


Using the information available to you, rank order each of the 5 potential new F.A.S.T. team members from best to worst.

Explain each ranking.