Colorado Wildlife Animals
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Colorado Wildlife Animals PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colorado Wildlife Animals. Learning Goal: Choose a Colorado animal and describe the characteristics of that animal and the Colorado life zone to which it is adapted. Mrs. Dean’s 4 th Grade 2008-2009. Prairie Dogs.

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Colorado Wildlife Animals

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Colorado Wildlife Animals

Learning Goal: Choose a Colorado animal and describe the characteristics of that animal and the Colorado life zone to which it is adapted.

Mrs. Dean’s 4th Grade


Prairie Dogs

Standing at the second smallest in the rodent family is

the prairie dog.

Gabrielle A



The lynx is in the cat family.

It also has big paws.

The lynx lives in the montane

life zone.




With long legs and sharp teeth a wolf can take down a male elk. They live in a group called a pack In the pack they hunt together and share their food and howl as one. .


4 Dean


CHIPMUNKS HAVE STRIPES ON HIS OR HER FACE AND ACROSS THEIR BACKS. CHIPMUNKS EAT SEEDS AND NUTS. Chipmunks love woods. Chipmunks weigh about 2oz.when they are born. Chipmunks live in the Montane Forest.

Jessica 4D


The wolf eats many animals such as birds, moose,deer, rabbits, fish, and beavers. The life zone thewolf lives in is the Montane [6,500-9,000 ft] andabove. The wolf lives in packs that have up to 30 wolves.

David C



The hummingbird lives in the Montane life zone. It eats the nectar of flowers and bugs. Also the hummingbird is only the size of an adults middle finger including the beak and tail.




Rabbits are about 15-18 inches long and weigh about ½ - 4 pounds . They are usually brown or speckled in color. Kits are born with no fur and their eyes closed. They live in the shrub and woodlands of Colorado.

Angelina F


The bat is an animal that not many people like but there are a lot of known bats in the world. And if you think you are safe from them in your house you are wrong because they can live in your attic.Actually they can live anywhere because there are about 900 known species of bats. Their life zone is shrub and woodland.

the bat

Colorado Animals



A raccoon eats practically

Everything, a full garbage can,

frogs and crayfish.

A raccoon has two fur coats.

The first one is brown.

The second one is black.

It lives in the shrubs and woodlands.

A raccoon is related to the giant panda.




Marmots are part of the squirrel family. They weigh 7-15 pounds. They live in burrows in the Alpine Tundra life zone, at an elevation of over 11,000 feet.




The grouse is basically the only bird that would rather walk than fly. They often come in shades of dark brown, red and often have speckles. The grouse lives all over North America, from prairie to tundra. The grouse is eaten by many animals including martens, owls, foxes and lynx.

Double banded sand grouse below

Chloe H. 4D


The Coyote can weigh up to 20 to 40 pounds.

The greatest animal known to man has a height of 3 to 4 feet tall. The Coyote can live in Montane through Alpine. It can be yellowish & gray.

Victoria R.


Mountain Lions are part of the cat family. Mountain Lions have more than 100 names. They are also known as the cougar, and puma. Mountain Lion cubs can weigh 1 pound (0.5kilograms).

Male Mountain Lions can weigh 125-175 pounds. They live in the montane life zone.

Mountain Lion




Ferrets have a black mask around its eyes. They are some times called the black bandits. Ferrets love too eat prairie dogs. The ferret weighs 1.5-2.5 pounds. It can be up to at least 19-26 inches long and 48-66 centimeters including its tail.

Hannah K 4D


The moose is the largest member in the deer family. When the moose is a week old it can out race a human and canswim a lot better too. The moose diet is mostly made out of twigs, leaves, roots ,and water lilies. Moose have big eyes, but don’t use them very much. They use their good hearing, keen sense of smell to help being safe. The moose lives in the montane life zone , but in winter time it goes to the alpine tundra.

Rachael P.



Pronghorns are the second fastest mammal in the world.

Pronghorns can run fast even when they are babies.

Pronghorns live in the grassland life zone at 3,000-5,000 feet above sea level.




The rattlesnake is a carnivore it eats rats, mice, & insects. It lives in forests. The longest rattlesnake is 8 feet long. The rattle is made of the same material as your fingernail.



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