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My monster

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My monster - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My monster. Miguel Teixeira 5º D, n.º 14 English.

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Miguel Teixeira 5º D, n.º 14


This is my monster. It has got big black eyes. It has got small legs and small arms. Its name is Diablo, it is horrible. Diablo has got a small mouth and long white horns. It has got a long red tail, it is my best friend. It has got three fingers and hard hoofs. Its house is in a carver. He lives with spiders, vampires and huge bats. He likes terrifying people and eating other small monsters .

Monster A

Monster B

They are my monsters. Monster A is Multieyes, it has got two eyes and six teeth. It has got long legs. Multieyes has got red, long arms. It is horrible. Monter B is Fusion, it has got long red fur. Fusion has got sharp teeth and short legs. Its legs are strange.

Its name is Cookie, it is gluttonous. Cookie has got long blue fur. It is toothless and has got big, round eyes . Cookie has got long arms and long legs. It is fat and nice. The children like it a lot. Cookie is the owner of a cookie factory.
Its name is Malefic. It has got eight teeth and big, round green eyes. Malefic has got long, green fur and sharp claws. It has got long arms and small legs . Its nose is small. It likes making evil plans in his cage. He is frightening and shady.
Its name is Clown, it is very funny. Its nose is like a trumpet, Ha, ha, ha… Clown has got sixteen teeth and has got a long, green tail. Its stars are pink and has got two, red eyes. it has got a big, long mouth and has got two ears very comics. Its scale is purple and sharp. Clown has got short arms and short legs .