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Intro to powerschool
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Presentation in the Round. Intro to PowerSchool. Russell Hoorn II Kelloggsville Public Schools Cathy Kulhawik Kent Intermediate School District. Welcome to Cathy’s World !. Play…. Work…. Welcome to My World!. Home. Two kids Two dogs One horse One husband ! . A little about Russ.

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Intro to PowerSchool

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Intro to powerschool

Presentation in

the Round

Intro to PowerSchool

Russell Hoorn II

Kelloggsville Public Schools

Cathy Kulhawik

Kent Intermediate School District

Welcome to cathy s world

Welcome to Cathy’s World!



Welcome to my world

Welcome to My World!


  • Two kids

  • Two dogs

  • One horse

  • One husband !

A little about russ

A little about Russ

  • Tech Geek

  • Just graduated with Bachelors from Davenport University

  • Married for 7 years

  • 4 kids

Hi jack from another session

Hi-Jack from another Session

Psug mi wikispaces

PSUG-MI Wikispaces



On to the schedule

On to the Schedule

Purpose of this session

Purpose of this session

  • To familiarize you with PowerSchool

  • Review/ Introduce some key components of IPT

  • Expand upon areas that IPT did not cover



  • What is PowerSchool

  • Looking At PowerSchool Admin [PowerPoint]

    • Lessons Learned

    • Basic Look at Student Screens

What is powerschool

What is PowerSchool?

  • Dumb Question?

    • Obviously it’s a Student Information System (SIS)

    • Or it’s a Student Management System (SMS)

  • Web-Based

    • Almost entirely now

  • Focus is to be Student-Centric

  • Highly Customizable

    • and breakable…

  • Not always the best product for specific tasks

    • SPED, Lunch, Transportation, etc.

What ipt tells you powerschool consists of

What IPT tells you PowerSchool consists of

School Administration




Parents and Students

What ipt tells you powerschool consists of1

What IPT DOESN’T tell you PowerSchool consists of

What IPT tells you PowerSchool consists of

School Administration

  • School Administration

  • Students

  • Faculty

  • State Reports

  • Reports

  • PowerScheduler

  • Transportation

  • PowerLunch … And more!!








Parents and Students




New to powerschool

New to PowerSchool?

  • Determine Priority functions for your school/position

  • Don’t try to implement the full set of features immediately

  • Focus your learning on top priority items first to ensure strong knowledge of functionality

    • You will still be learning new things 3, 4, 5 years into using the product

  • Take notes, but don’t think the way you did it last year is the only way of performing a task.

Let s get to it

Let’s get to it

What do you need to use PowerSchool?

  • Web Browser (Internet Exploder, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Camino, Opera, etc…)

  • Server address (Today ours is http://10.1.1.X/admin)

  • User Name and Password

Powerschool admin

PowerSchool Admin

  • Login page

  • Entering your User Name and Password

  • User Name: rhoorn

  • Password: 1ab23c

The secret is the ;

  • rhoorn;1ab23c

Login page

Login Page

“Hidden” text

Custom Logo

Custom Logo

Version: Gradebook: Uptime: 8 days, 21 hours, 28 minutes, 19 secondsPS Server Uptime: 5 days, 18 hours, 28 minutes, 34 secondsLDAP Disabled

Home or start page

Home or Start page

  • Navigation

  • Menu

  • Content Area (Search Students)



  • PowerSchool Logo. “Your Best Friend”

  • Current School

  • Current Term

  • Report Queue

  • Logout

  • Help?

Main menu

Main Menu

  • Rarely Changes from release to release…

    • But, 6.0 is changing some of the wording for absentee report to attendance.

  • The three “S’s”

    • Special Functions

    • School

    • System

Content area

Content area

  • Search

  • Browse

  • Other

Finding students

Finding Students

  • Basic Search

  • Compound Searches

  • Stored Searches

  • Stored Selections

  • Coming Soon Smart Search…

This is another Session

Student screens

Student Screens

  • Quick Lookup

  • Print a Report

  • Information

    • Demographics

    • Family

  • Academics

    • Attendance

    • Historical Grades

  • Administration

    • Log Entries

    • NetAccess

  • Enrollment

    • All Enrollments

    • Functions

    • Transfer Info

  • Scheduling

    • Bell Schedule View

    • Matrix View

    • Scheduling Setup

Quick lookup

Quick Lookup

Print a report

Print a Report

Information screens

Information Screens

Academic screens

Academic Screens

Administration screens

Administration Screens

Enrollment screens

Enrollment Screens



Custom screens

Custom Screens

  • Built-in simple custom screens

  • Custom Student HTML pages (official)

  • System level “Unsupported” customizations

Now let s look at it

Now Let’s look at it.

  • Login