Winter wonderland
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Winter Wonderland. Winter Wonderland. Dominique Erney. Dominique Erney. I love the feel of winter. While it’s chilly in the air. The hearts are warm. And smiles appear. On faces everywhere. Did you ever stop to notice. How children skip instead of walk.

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Winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Dominique Erney

Dominique Erney

I love the feel of winter

While it’s chilly in the air

The hearts are warm

And smiles appear

On faces everywhere

Did you ever stop to notice

How children skip instead of walk

And when the first snowflake of winter

They sing instead of talk


Wonder at the sky

As it turns from blue to slate

And the miniature ice crystals

That cling to the front gate

Look around at the trees

As it’s no longer fall

The leaves aren’t red and shades of gold

There are no leaves at all

Everything that’s summer

Hides when winter comes around

The green grass and the sunshine

Are lost under a snow mound

Look up from your hot chocolate

Next time it starts to snow

And notice how the season brings

A certain winter glow