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FitKIDS. Shane Spriggs, Chris Fenlon-MacDonald and Brenna Goodwin. Our Team. Shane Spriggs Chris Fenlon-MacDonald Brenna Goodwin. Overview of FitKIDS.

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Shane Spriggs, Chris Fenlon-MacDonald

and Brenna Goodwin

Our team

Our Team

  • Shane Spriggs

  • Chris Fenlon-MacDonald

  • Brenna Goodwin

Overview of fitkids

Overview of FitKIDS

  • As a team we came across Dr. John Ratey’s book title SPARK and it “sparked” us into developing a program that would meet the needs of our struggling students

  • Brain Gains:




From your experience, what would you do to increase time on task behavior with students who have have ADHD, and Autism?



  • Target group; strategy on their IPP

  • Five days a week before school starts

  • Takes place in the gymnasium or a classroom

  • Rigorous exercise for 20-25min

  • Games (squats, push ups, sit ups, burpees, etc)

  • Assessment (SNAP IV, parent feedback, teacher observations and anecdotal comments, student reflection)

Fitkids in action

FitKIDS in Action

Your turn

Your Turn….

  • Warm Up and Skill Building

  • 15-12-9 (12-9-6) (9-6-3)

    • Push ups

    • Squats

    • Jumping Jacks

  • Game

  • Where to go from here

    Where to go from here….

    • Personalized goals

    • Partnership with breakfast programs

    • Implementation into other schools

    • Affiliation with CrossFit Kids



    Case study

    Case Study

    • Michelle is an experienced teacher that currently teaches at a Kindergarten to Grade Four School. Michelle’s class consists of 26 students, which contains 16 boys and 10 girls. What makes Michelle’s class more complex then her previous classroom is, that over half of the children are diagnosed by a doctor to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or fall on the Autism Spectrum. With 14 students on an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for their learning needs, Michelle has a consistent battle to keep her students on task.

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