Arduino torque recorder woodward inc
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Arduino Torque Recorder Woodward, INC PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arduino Torque Recorder Woodward, INC. January 2012 Clayton Rayment. Engine Systems. Problem. Currently, operator error from torque on assembly lines causes some products to ship with bolts that are not tightened, incorrectly tightened, or are missing alltogether .

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Arduino Torque Recorder Woodward, INC

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Arduino Torque RecorderWoodward, INC

January 2012

Clayton Rayment

Engine Systems


  • Currently, operator error from torque on assembly lines causes some products to ship with bolts that are not tightened, incorrectly tightened, or are missing alltogether.

  • Although cases mentioned above are rare (once every 3 years) we need a solution to eliminate the problem.

Proprietary Information●●●

Proposed Solution

  • The Arduino Torque Recorder will combat this problem, and help ensure product quality for the customers by counting the level and number of torques and exporting them to a computer.

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Current Torque Solution

  • Currently Woodward uses Atlas Copco torque drivers.

  • Some of these torque drivers have been in service for 15 years.

  • New Atlas Copco torque drivers have torque counting built in, however the old drivers do not.

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ATR Development

Atlas Copco Status

Serial Output

Station ID

Station Set-up


Low Cost Solution

Proprietary Information●●●

Atlas Copco Status

  • Status programmable on with 3 relays

  • Relays programmed to indicate “High” “Ok” “Low” torques

  • Data taken into ATR with relay bounce control

  • Data translated and packaged for export over serial

  • Data exported to workstation computer via serial connection.

Proprietary Information●●●

Station Setup

  • Currently stations are not identified

  • No way to match torques to stations

  • ATR stores station data in EEPROM memory

  • Station data is exported with the torque data

  • Torque values in the database can be matched with a station.

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  • Currently there are 100 Atlas Copco torque units in use, each costing $16,000

  • New Atlas Copco torque drivers would cost $20,000 each

  • To replace all units would cost approx. $2.0M not including time and labor

  • Stations would be shut down for a long period of time

  • The ATR is a low-cost solution costing approx. $50 per unit

  • To upgrade all units would cost $5,000 not including time and labor

  • Stations would not be shut down very long

Proprietary Information●●●

Project Technical Challenges


  • False Signals

  • Relay bounce

  • User Interface

    • User configuration

  • Information Storage


  • Pull-up resistor enabled

    • Floats signal high

    • Signal indicated by grounding

  • Delay added in the code to ensure relay is active

  • Low-level terminal GUI added

    • User given options to configure station information

  • Information about the workstation is stored in the onboard EEPROM

Proprietary Information●●●

Arduino Torque Recording

  • Solves multiple manufacturing line and quality control issues

  • Data stored on a WISE database

  • ATR can be configured to each workstation

  • One ATR can monitor up to 3 Atlas Copco Machines

  • Low cost solution – Delays $2.0M investment in new Atlas Copco torque drivers

Proprietary Information●●●

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