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Background. St. Louis Currently Nonattainment for 8-hour Ozone and PM2.5In June 2007 Missouri DNR submitted 8-hour ozone SIP that included a demonstration of attainment by 2009 using the SMOKE/MM5/CAMx modeling system, a 36/12/4 km grid and three 2002 episodesPM2.5 SIP is due April 2008Currently

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Hybrid Plume

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1. Hybrid Plume/Grid Modeling for the St. Louis PM2.5 SIP Ralph Morris, Bonyoung Koo, Jeremiah, Johnson and Greg Yarwood ENVIRON International Corporation Jay Turner and Jennifer Garlock Washington University International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms Conference December 5-7, 2007 – UC Davis

4. St. Louis Regional PM2.5 Modeling 36/12 km Modeling Grid MM5 Meteorological Model SMOKE Emissions Model CMAQ & CAMx photochemical grid models Model Performance Evaluation Initially with Routine STN and FRM Networks More Detailed with St. Louis Super Site PM Source Apportionment Technology (PSAT) 2009 PM2.5 Design Value Projections

14. Wind Analysis of Local vs. Regional PM2.5 Concentrations at Granite City Monitor (B) Identifies GCW Steel Mill & Coke Ovens as Local Contributor

15. St. Louis PM2.5: Regional and Local Problem CMAQ/CAMx 36/12 km Modeling Insufficient to Capture Local Contributions – Need Enhanced Approach: Use hybrid Plume/Grid modeling approach with AERMOD/ISC Local and CMAQ/CAMx: Problems with mixing modeling results as CMAQ/CAMx designed to be accurate, AERMOD/ISC designed to be conservative. Use Grid Model with Plume-in-Grid (PiG) for local-scale sources: 12 km grid still very course for sources not treated with PiG. Use CMAQ/CAMx with finer grids: For example 36/12/4/1.33 km, however even 1.33 km may be insufficient to model local source impacts at Granite City Use combined CMAQ/CAMx finer grids with PiG for local sources: Combines best features of (2) and (3) without problems of (1). ? Decision to proceed with high resolution grid with PiG model (Option 4).

24. St. Louis Hybrid Multi-Scale PM Modeling Approach Global-Scale: GEOS-CHEM provided BCs to Inter RPO USA 36 km Domain Continental-Scale: VISTAS 36 km CMAQ simulations for 2002, 2009 and 2018 Regional-Scale: 36/12 km CMAQ/CAMx modeling of StL regional-scale domain Urban-Scale: CAMx 12/4/1 km two-way nesting Local-Scale: Plume-in-Grid with CAMx two-way 12/4/1 km grids

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