Ad hoc network backup cost effective backup software for private networks
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Ad Hoc Network Backup “Cost Effective Backup Software for Private Networks” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ad Hoc Network Backup “Cost Effective Backup Software for Private Networks”. Presented by the Blue Team. Feasibility Presentation. Outline. About the Team Problem Definition Customer Base Solution Risks Pricing. Team Organization. Data Maintenance.

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Ad Hoc Network Backup “Cost Effective Backup Software for Private Networks”

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Presentation Transcript

Ad Hoc Network Backup“Cost Effective Backup Software for Private Networks”

Presented by the

Blue Team

Feasibility Presentation


  • About the Team

  • Problem Definition

  • Customer Base

  • Solution

  • Risks

  • Pricing

Team Organization

Data Maintenance

  • Data loss has catastrophic consequences and a backup solution that takes advantage of network resources is needed.

Causes of Data Loss

  • From Data Loss and Hard Drive Failure: Understanding the Causes and Costs3

Impact of Data Recovery

  • If no backups were used and the hard drive is intact, data can sometimes be recovered

  • The cost of data recovery can vary widely and depends on

    • Severity of damage

    • Urgency

    • Parts required

    • Size and type of storage media

  • Recovery following a data loss episode is expensive

  • If the data cannot be recovered, it is permanently lost and the costs can be significantly higher

  • From Data Loss and Hard Drive Failure: Understanding the Causes and Costs3

Frequency of Data Loss

  • 70% of small firms that experience major data loss go out of business within a year.2

  • A 2009 survey by Kroll Ontrack polled IT managers from 945 companies.1

    • 49% of all IT managers reported a data loss situation in the two years prior.

    • 36% felt that data loss could have a significant impact on their business.

    • “An alarming 49 per cent of small companies stated that they fail to back up their data on a daily basis.”

  • So why are current solutions not being utilized?

  • From Tech Managers Often Underestimate Impact of Data Loss1

  • Impact on U.S. Small Business of Natural & Man-Made Disasters2

Current Solutions

  • Dedicated hardware

    • Expensive

  • Additional local storage

    • Optical media

      • Fragile

      • High maintenance

    • External disks

      • Expensive

    • Flash storage

      • Expensive

      • Easy to misplace

  • Cloud backups

    • Monthly fee and bandwidth usage


  • Small Businesses

    • Possibly no dedicated IT staff

    • Enough computers to require a focused backup solution

  • Consumer Home Networks

    • PC enthusiasts

    • Home offices

The Need for Ad Hoc Backups

  • Even small businesses can lose thousands of dollars due to data loss

  • Non tech-savvy users and small businesses with no dedicated IT staff need a simple to use solution

Small Businesses

  • Typically one to two dozen computers7

  • Lack dedicated IT support7

  • Much smaller budgets than Enterprise

  • Need for security and encryption

  • Over 50% wary of online solutions8

  • From Designing and Building the Best Small Office Network From the Ground Up7

  • The Universe of Corporate PC Backup Options8

Consumer Home Networks

  • 94% of computer users risk losing their data5

  • Users have priceless files (pictures, video)

  • Not always technically savvy

  • From 4th Annual Backblaze Data Backup Study Finds 94% of People Risk Data Loss5

Computers Per Home Network

  • From The Complex & Surprising Anatomy of a Home Network6

Problem Detection

Solution Objective

Ad Hoc Network Backups aims to provide inexpensive, secure and reliable backups to home, small and medium-sized LANs

Solution Characteristics

To meet this objective, our solution must

  • Be inexpensive

  • Use only existing hardware

  • Be easy for untrained staff to use

  • Give peace-of-mind to owners, operators, and users

  • Not be susceptible to a single point of failure

  • Optionally make use of centralized management

  • Not need WAN access

  • Have no recurring fees

How it Works

  • Periodic backups from one PC are made

    on other PCs. Backups are not always

    stored on the same nodes.

  • In the event of data loss on a PC,

    data can be recovered from other

    PCs to the affected PC.

  • If a PC is completely unusable, data can still be restored to local storage on any other node, even nodes without the particular data needed.

Benefits & Caveats to the Consumer

  • Benefits

    • Easy to learn interface

    • Low cost

    • No need for additional hardware

  • Caveats

    • May be easy, but yet another interface to learn

    • Installation management may be cumbersome for larger networks

    • Highly dynamic nodes (laptops, etc) may pose problems

Problem Solved with Ad Hoc

Major Functional Component Diagram

  • This is an entirely software solution, so the MFCD only includes major components of the software.

  • Each of the 11 lowest blocks is an independent module.

Risk Matrix

C1 – Software Price

C2 – Customer Knowledge

C3 – User Preferences

T1 – Data Security

T2 – Software Compatibility

T3 – Data Corruption

T4 – Network Failure

F1 – Development Costs

F2 – Customer Support

S1 – Production Schedule

Technical Risks

P1, I5

  • T1- Data must be secure from intruders / prying eyes

    • Mitigation- Use current, standards-compliant, symmetric-key encryption

  • T2- Software incompatibility with customer systems

    • Mitigation- Ensure product meets platform and architecture standards

  • T3- Data corruption during or after the backup process

    • Mitigation- Use reliable transmission strategies, enforce automated and manual backup validations

  • T4- Customer network failure

    • Mitigation- This is primarily out of our hands. We could potentially offer online backups as an additional feature

P2, I4

P1, I5

P3, I3

Customer Risks

P1, I4

  • C1- Customers might not be able to afford our product

    • Mitigation- Part of our selling point is that we are cheaper than our competition

  • C2- Customers might not be knowledgeable enough to fully utilize our product

    • Mitigation- Offer support, training, and documentation on the use of our product

  • C3- Even if managers purchase our software, their employees might refuse to use it

    • Mitigation- Advertise the advantages of our product, make it easy to use

P2, I3

P3, I3

Financial and Scheduling Risks

P4, I1

  • F1- Development costs might go over-budget

    • Mitigation- Plan for this to happen

  • F2- We might have to pay for customer support

    • Mitigation- It does not have to be 24/7 support, use a “geek-hotline”

  • S1- We might not finish production on-schedule

    • Mitigation- Use AGILE to put out basic working software to ensure we have a product to sell

P1, I3

P2, I4

Consumer Spending Constraints

  • Economy is still struggling9, but improving

  • Home users and small businesses are on tight budgets

  • Need to price competitively

Unemployment % rate over the last ten years (source: USDL)

  • From Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey9

Local Versus Remote Network

  • Connecting to remote nodes can be expensive

  • The speed of the connection over local links is typically faster

Storage Media

  • New storage media should not have to be purchased

  • Use all available storage media to ensure that even if a component drive fails, the integrity of the backup is maintained

Competitors Prices

  • Top competitors and their prices

    • NovaBACKUP costs $44.95

    • DT Utilities PC Backup costs $49.99

    • Genie Backup Manager costs $49.95

    • Acronis True Image costs $49.99

Pricing Factors

  • Ad Hoc can be developed:

    • With little hardware

    • In a small facility

    • With minimal staff

  • Ad Hoc has an advantage in all three areas and can be cheaper than the competition

Ad Hoc Pricing

  • Single license pricing would accommodate a household network

    • $35 to $40

  • Volume license would accommodate small business networks

    • Price to be determined

  • Return on Investment: Ad Hoc Network Backup pays for itself many times over for even one data recovery

Can it be done?

  • No “new” technologies are being implemented.

  • We have the resources to develop and test.

  • Our modular design allows modular development.

Yes, it can be done.

Should it be done?

  • Statistics show there is a need for a small business backup solution.

  • The current risks are not debilitating.

  • Little capital is needed to begin development.

Yes, it should be done.


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