Training development policies for smes informatization promotion apec 2005 august 27th 2005
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Training & Development Policies for SMEs Informatization Promotion APEC 2005 August 27th, 2005 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Training & Development Policies for SMEs Informatization Promotion APEC 2005 August 27th, 2005. Eunsang Cho, Ph.D. [email protected], [email protected] Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training. Table of Contents. Background Research Framework

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Training & Development Policies for SMEs Informatization Promotion APEC 2005 August 27th, 2005

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Training & Development Policies for SMEs Informatization PromotionAPEC 2005August 27th, 2005

Eunsang Cho, Ph.D.

[email protected], [email protected]

Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training

Table of Contents

  • Background

  • Research Framework

  • Previous Works

  • Policy Suggestions

  • International Collaboration for

  • T&D


SMEs in APEC occupy less than 30% of total exports

Informatization of SMEs may lead to corporate transparency, industrial competitiveness, and market potential

and eventually APEC common prosperity

Training & Development is an alpha & omega of Informatization for SMEs.

Research Framework

Previous Works

Factors influencing Informatization policies

- the degree of economic development and literacy rate

- IT infra and development of ICT industry

- who will be a coordinator; gov’t or corporations

- policy tools; direct or indirect

- support organizations; mono, dual, or intermediary

Previous Works

National Informatization Indices

Group 1G 2G 3

HighT, J, K A, C, N, UH, S

LowM, P, P, C, C, I, M, RB

P, T, V

Previous Works

Strategies and Issues of SMEs T & D





Previous Works

APEC T & D Program

Canadian Student Connection Programme

- providing internet & e-commerce training: internet exploration, on-line communication for biz,

e-commerce, web-site planning, internet security,

on-line sales

- 133,000 students as business advisors trained

- 5,000 students employed

Previous Works

APEC T & D Program

Australian AUSe.NET program

- 3 hr face-to-face interview:

train the need for e-commerce and its importance

- on-line program: how to buy PC, ways to connect to and install website, IT technology and e-commerce

Previous Works

APEC T & D Program

Canadian Ebiz.enable program

- accessible to experts

- evaluate current situation and next step

- encourage e-biz strategy

- E-biz inf tool provides step-by-step guidance

- partnership with private e-biz opportunities roundtable

Previous Works

APEC T & D Program

ADOC(APEC Digital Opportunity Center)

designed to assist IT Tech utilization, e-policy, T&D program, & conferences

Trainers’ Program

- funded by Taiwan

- participants: Peru,Chile,PN, Vietnam, Indone, Phillipp

- 1 1/2 month

- Contents: IT industry, network system, web service, security met system, ISMS, e-govt, int’l conference, cultural day, visit to gov’t and industry

Previous Works

Non-APEC T & D Program

UK’s Learndirect

- cyber learning institute providing on-line service

- IT, leadership, mgt, teamwork, sakes, marketing,

customer satisfaction, sales, literacy

- BA, MA, Ph.D. available

- 2,000 Larndirec center, 7,000 on-line center available

Policy Suggestions

1. T&D needs to be differentiated a/c the

stages of development of informatization

- beginning stage: computer basics, s/w,

h/w, web, & data base

- high stage: R&D, planning, marketing,

invoicing, supply chain mgt, inventory,

logistics, KM, finance

Policy Suggestions

2. E-biz awareness for CEO emphasized;

thru portal sites linked to support service,

biz case study, seminar or workshop

covering SMEs, IT & e-commerce

Focus: understanding of digital economy,

necessity for e-biz,

investment plan of e-biz

management strategy for competitiveness

Policy Suggestions

3. SMEs: T&D=Cost,

not enough HRs & time for T&D

SMEs consortium need to be established

- develop T&D program

- Main partners: T&D, consulting, H/W

- Minor partners: contents, solutions

Policy Suggestions

4. T&D system needs to be differentiated

a/c informatization stages, objects &

biz (manufacturing & service)

CEO: IT awareness

Mgt: planning, marketing and strategy

linked to informatization system

Es: system, homepage, & network

T&D contents & methods evaluated

International Collaboration for T&D

1. SMEs Informatization skills training

from IT advanced to IT developing

thru APEC Fora, such as TEL WG,


2. APEC center established to support SME

informatization such as T&D system development and operation, T&D program development and operation (on-&off-line)

International Collaboration for T&D

3. IT volunteer program utilizing

- college students or IT retired professionals

- assistance: equipment & HRs

- S-R, or L-R

- target:

CEOs, Mgt, & Es of SMEs, public orgs

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