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Welcome to the IC Web CICS Demo. Lender Processing Services. 2. You are about to view a self-guided demonstration of IC Web CICS, a browser-based application providing online 3270 mainframe access to LPS' Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP). Sit back and let us show you how easy it is to gain onl

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LPS InterChange

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1. LPS InterChange IC Web CICS Demo Lender Processing Services 1

2. Welcome to the IC Web CICS Demo

3. What is LPS InterChange?

4. What is IC Web CICS?

5. This demo was launched http://interchange.lendingsvcs.com/, home to general information about LPS InterChange. Also available from this website: LPS InterChange Overview InterChange Service Provider Listing Business Partners Service Advisory Committee Sales and Support Contacts Link to the IC Web CICS User Interface

6. IC Web CICS is browser-based and secured with a digital certificate. Third party emulation software is not required. To launch IC Web CICS, the user must have a PC, Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) with 128 bit SSL and a current Internet Service Provider (ISP). By clicking on the IC Web CICS User Interface from the InterChange website, the user is taken to the logon screen.

7. Logging on grants you secure access to the MSP host. Successful signon requires a User Name and Password, which are assigned by LPS. The first time you log on, you will be prompted to change your Password. You will then enter your User name and Password and select OK. Launching IC Web CICS

8. IC Web CICS Infrastructure

11. With the Password of your choosing, you can proceed to access the host by selecting the Sessions link on the left hand side of your screen.

12. Again, the 3270 icon appears, which was the default screen when you first logged onto IC Web CICS with your assigned User Name and Password. Click on the icon to access MSPs VTAM screen.

13. From the VTAM screen, the user can access the Controls & Audit facility (AICM) to locate the status of file transfers, or access one or more MSP clients regions to view or update loan data (AIC_). Access to MSP clients regions is secure, requiring authorization from the lender and a region code as furnished by LPS or by the lender directly. Assuming the lenders region is defined as U, we will input the identifier AICU, then press enter.

14. Now that you are in the region of your MSP client, you can enter the lender-assigned MSP user ID and password. The lender can restrict third party access rights to read only, or to read and write. Enter user ID and password then press enter.

18. Thank you for taking the time to view our demonstration. IC Web CICS is an easy and secure way to gain access to MSP to view and update loan data on behalf of mortgage lenders. It is also useful for accessing InterChange Controls & Audit for tracking file transfers to and from MSP if this functionality is desired. Conclusion

19. For more information about LPS InterChange and IC Web CICS, contact a sales representative. Were listed on this LPS InterChange website at http://interchange.lendingsvcs.com/. Select Sales Contacts and give us a call!

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