Herakles architecture
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Herakles Architecture.

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Herakles architecture
Herakles Architecture

Kinetic Energy is viewed as an in-situ resource. An Impulse Engine (formerly named a Recycler, or a CataMitt Recycler) is a large device that extracts kinetic energy from an arriving spacecraft, converts it into electricity via regenerative braking, and immediately applies that electricity to launch a partner spacecraft. This enables space hardware to shift from being primarily expendable to being primarily reusable in nature. While it has constraints, it also has a significant potential to reduce the cost of round trip space travel between select destinations, such as a Molniya orbit, geosynchronous orbit, and the Moon.

Impulse engine
Impulse Engine

By Philip A. Turek

Science Department, Cerritos High School Cerritos, CA 90703


Extending impulse engines to mars
Extending Impulse Engines to Mars

Deimos Impulse Engine: Access 297 km low Mars orbit inclined 80 deg. DV 3.7 km/s from LEO to LMO

Phobos Impulse Engine: Access 323 km low Mars orbit inclined 43 deg. DV 3.5 km/s from LEO to LMO.

Ie research community
IE Research Community

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