Arab israeli conflict
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Arab Israeli Conflict PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arab Israeli Conflict. 2013. What is the perspective of the cartoonist?. European Control in Middle East. After WWII, Britain’s mandate ends & they hand over the Palestine problem to the U.N.

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Arab Israeli Conflict

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Arab israeli conflict

Arab Israeli Conflict


What is the perspective of the cartoonist

What is the perspective of the cartoonist?

European control in middle east

European Control in Middle East

After wwii britain s mandate ends they hand over the palestine problem to the u n

After WWII, Britain’s mandate ends & they hand over the Palestine problem to the U.N.

United Nations is a newly established International Organization to handle world issues and conflicts.

United nation vote to partition palestine into two states 1947

United Nation, vote to Partition Palestine into two states, 1947

Votes in General Assembly

Votes Against Partition

  • Against: 13

  • Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen.

  • Abstained: 10

  • Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.


State of israel is born

State of Israel is Born!

Why Palestine?

Truman, supports Jewish State

  • After the Holocaust, Jewish groups began to call for a Jewish “homeland”

  • Palestine was the “biblical” homeland.

  • Britain hands off the “question” of Palestine to the United Nations.

  • Decision to “partition” Palestine.

Occupied territories the acquisition of territory by occupation is against international law

Occupied Territories!The acquisition of territory by occupation is against International law.


Harsh Military Occupation- UN Resolution 242

Curfew- cannot leave homes

2003- W/D from Gaza, still controls Airspace & coastline

Some arab nations have made peace with israel recognize the jewish state

Some Arab Nations have made peace with Israel & recognize the Jewish State.

Which Arab Countries have made peace with Israel? Egypt & Jordan

Last war was in 1973 but continued violence in israel

Last war was in 1973, but continued violence in Israel!

Palestinians suicide bombers go into the Israeli sections of the country and kill Israeli civilians.

Israeli military retaliates in “occupied territories”

Cycle of violence on both sides. Images show in class from Life Magazine.

What are the obstacles to peace the city of jerusalem

What are the obstacles to Peace? The City of Jerusalem

Right of return

Right of Return

Palestinians want the right to return to the original borders partitioned to them by the United Nations.

The U.N. Resolution 194 supports the Palestinian right to return or be compensated for the land.

Two states end israeli occupation of west bank palestinians autonomy

Two States, end Israeli Occupation of West Bank- “Palestinians autonomy”

Another obstacle jewish settlements

Another obstacle…. Jewish Settlements

Other complications 2003 israeli construction began

Other complications….2003 Israeli construction began…

Wall around West Bank

West Bank Wall

Unemployment rates poverty in palestinian areas

Unemployment rates & poverty in Palestinian Areas


CIA World Fact Book -2012

  • West Bank- Unemployment 23%

  • GDP Per Capita- $2,900 (2008 est.)

  • Gaza Strip- 40% (2010 est.)

  • Pop. Below poverty rate –38% (2010 est.)

  • Israel- GDP- $32,200 (2012 est.)

  • Unemployment Rate- 6.3% (2012 est.)

America s involvement u s supports both sides but mostly israel

America’s Involvement…U.S. supports both sides, but mostly Israel!

Jewish Support

Palestinian Support

Many groups support palestine

Many groups support Palestine

  • Jews against Occupation

  • Just Vision, Peace building

  • Links to Israeli Peace groups

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