Postmoderniet og existentielt helbred postmodern contexts and existential health research
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(Postmoderniet og existentielt helbred) Postmodern contexts and existential health research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(Postmoderniet og existentielt helbred) Postmodern contexts and existential health research. Valerie DeMarinis, PhD Professor in Psycholgy of Religion (Cultural Psychology) Uppsala University.

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(Postmoderniet og existentielt helbred) Postmodern contexts and existential health research

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(Postmoderniet og existentielt helbred) Postmodern contexts and existential health research

Valerie DeMarinis, PhD

Professor in Psycholgy of Religion (Cultural Psychology)

Uppsala University

Operational Existential Worldview Categories: ’Postmodern’ variations in action- need for existential public health focus

(DeMarinis, 2008)

Including Transcendent Dimension






Mixed Worldview









Excluding Transcendent Dimension


Lacking Worldview Function

Important assessment questions for planning and executing existential health and healthcare research

  • What are the limits of the cultural context for this kind of research?

  • What are the limits of the organisational context as a research centre?

  • What are your partner organisations (multi-sectorial)?

  • What research disciplines and/or areas are involved?

  • What is the conceptual level between disciplines in the specific area?

  • Where is the primary scientific accountability?

  • What is permitted as a research object, as a research question?

  • How can the scientific study be published in different scientific journals and ?

  • How does the study contribute to theory- and method development?

Existential Health and Healthcare Research Agenda at Uppsala University

Perspective elements:

  • National, Nordic, EU, and International partners

    • (University Hospital, Karolinska, Harvard, MF (Oslo), UCL (London), Centre for Faith, Science and Values in Healthcare Reserch (Gloustershire, England, +)

    • Doctoral, Post-doctoral, Senior Research interactive levels

  • Clinical, applied research

  • Preventive focus at whatever stage of intervention

  • Evidnce-based focus in cultural and organisational cntexts

  • Person-centered, holistic approach at inception influences all levels of research and programme planning

  • Mixed-methods data collection (proving- + generating-hypotheses)

  • Contribute to theory and method development

Impact of religion programme: Challenges for society, law and democracy (2008-2018)

  • Theme 4: Well-being and Health

  • Partners (Humanities, Law, Medicine at Uppsala) University Hospital +Karolinska+ Harvard

    • Migration Health (Iraqi refugees- Gilgamesh project)

    • Addiction (gender perspective)

    • Transcultural psychiatry (meaning-making assessment in diagnosis and treatment

    • Existential public health (Abortion, Palliative care- Ritual Studies)

    • Evaluation research with UNHCR

Selected existentiel healthcare-related publications

  • DeMarinis V, Scheffel Birath C, af Klinteberg B. Moods and expectancies of female alcohol drinking--An exploratory study. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 2010;24(3):472-481.

  • DeMarinis V, Scheffel-Birath C, Hansagi H. Cultural Analysis as a Perspective for Gender-Informed Alcohol Treatment Research in a Swedish Context. Alcohol and Alcoholism. 2009;44(6):615-619.

  • DeMarinis V, Barsky A, Antin J, Chang G. Health psychology and distress after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. European Journal of Cancer Care. 2009;18(1):57-63.

  • Fritz M, Chin D, DeMarinis V. (2008) Stressors, anxiety, acculturation and adjustment among international and North American students. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. 32(3):244-259.

  • DeMarinis, V. (2008) The Impact of post-modernization on existential health in Sweden: Psychology of religion’s function in existential public health analysis Archive for the psychology of religion 30: 57-74.

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