Political Progress of Ethnic Minorities in the USA

Political Progress of Ethnic Minorities in the USA PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political Progress of Ethnic Minorities in the USA

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2. So what is an Ethnic Minority?

4. End of WW2 was when Ethnic Minorities started to make political progress EMs fought for USA in WW2 Stopped spread of fascism US govt realised had to treat EMs equally at home and not 2nd class citizens If discriminated against EMs would be seen as supporting regime they had defeated Illustrated political progress as being treated equally

5. Civil Rights Movement 1954 Supreme Court Segregation is unequal and unconstitutional 1965 Voting Rights Act Illegal to put barriers in place for people to vote 1960 – 1976 Turnout increased from 14% to 58% in Alabama

8. Majority/Minority Constituency Created 1982 Boundaries were changed so that the majority of people in a constituency would be from a ethnic minority background Therefore, EMs would vote in elections as voting for someone of their race. In past most people were white and constituency elected a white politician. Why should EMs vote? Example, if constituency included a ghetto and midtown New York it was changed to only include ghetto area where EMs mainly lived THIS ENCOURAGED EMs TO VOTE

9. Positive Role Models Rev. Jesse Jackson Ran for President twice Demonstrated blacks can have a say in political power Encouraged blacks to register to vote and take part in politics Blacks realised that they did have power Illustrates political progress Possible result of Rev JJ 1988 in 11% of political jobs, civil servants, DA etc filled by blacks in Mississippi, one of the most racist states in US

10. In past no members of House of Representatives, now 37, in 1972 only 15 Black state legislators increased from 64 in 1964 to 440 in 1990 Black Governors increased from 0 to 1 in same time There are over 10,000 blacks in political jobs = increased political progress and power

15. Hispanics didn’t vote as they didn’t see the point Give reasons to explain why you think this is the case. However, between 1988 and 1996 the % voting increased.

17. Hispanic vote increased by 40%. Why do you think this happened? Hispanics in other states thought this may happen to them so they got politically motivated Texas His vote increased by 60%

19. Other reasons for no Political Progress

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