Where am i wearing
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Where am I wearing? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where am I wearing?. I am wearing Indonesia because that ’s where my jacket is made. Where is your favorite article of clothing made?. My jacket is from old navy made in Indonesia . What does gap stand for in terms of social responsibility?.

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Where am I wearing?

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Where am I wearing?

I am wearing Indonesia because that’s where my jacket is made.

Where is your favorite article of clothing made?

My jacket is from old navy made in Indonesia.

What does gap stand for in terms of social responsibility?

  • Gap is working around the world to improve factory conditions and help women advance. There designing more sustainable stores and products, and getting creative about protecting natural resources. There continuing to make Gap Inc. a company where people are proud to work and able to reach their career goals. There investing in communities by applying  business innovation to social challenges.

What is life like in Indonesia?

  • Indonesia has a very diverse life styles. There are many rich people, and at the same time there are poor people too. In big cities, like Jakarta, you will find big houses which may be more expensive than houses in Beverly Hills. (The land itself is so expensive, as if there is gold underneath.) In slum areas, you will see homeless people living on the street. In street intersection you will see beggars going from car to car begging for money.

What are the conditions like for the factory workers?

Many workers in most factories are women workers who have been sexually harassed and violated.

  • "Female workers in factories are forced to trade sexual favors to gain employment.2.5% reported unwanted sexual touching and 30% said they had witnessed or experienced abuse. Many women, who make up most of the labor force in the factories, said they were denied their two-day monthly menstrual leave allowed under Indonesian law. One woman said a supervisor threw a book at her for working slowly while other staff were forced to run around the factory grounds or clean toilets if their pace of work was not fast enough.

What can you share with us that is interesting and pertains to your topic?

  • Old navy is owned by gap.

  • A Lawsuit was filed against gap and 25 other u.s. retailers because of worker’s treatment and conditions in foreign-owned factories operating on U.S. soil.

    According to the complaint, more than 13,000 garment workers in Saipan regularly worked 12-hour days, seven days a week, often times "off the clock" without receiving any pay or overtime.

what I tough was really sad during my research ?

  • Was that Many factory workers from foreign countries are treated bad, abused, violated, beaten.

  • There human rights are violated everyday and really there’s nothing they could do about it. Because they need a way to feed and support their family.


  • Google.

  • Old navy website then I clicked on about gap.inc.

  • www.gapinc.com/socialresponsibility.

  • Then I went to wikispaces and then I clicked on one of the links. where I found most of the information

  • http://greenamerica.org/programs/responsibleshopper/

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