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Amphibians. By: Lysbeth Allison. Amphibians come in all shapes, colors, and sizes!. Types of Amphibians. Frogs. Types of Amphibians. Toads. Types of Amphibians. Salamanders. Types of Amphibians. Newts. Some Amphibians Make Funny Sounds!. Can you guess what type of

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By: Lysbeth Allison

Amphibians come in all shapes colors and sizes

Amphibians come in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

Types of amphibians

Types of Amphibians


Types of amphibians1

Types of Amphibians

  • Toads

Types of amphibians2

Types of Amphibians

  • Salamanders

Types of amphibians3

Types of Amphibians

  • Newts

Some amphibians make funny sounds

Some AmphibiansMake Funny Sounds!

Can you guess what type of

amphibian is making this noise?

Click Here

Facts about amphibians

Facts About Amphibians

  • The word “Amphibian” means “both lives”.

  • Amphibians are unique animals because they can live in both water and on land.

Facts about amphibians1

Facts About Amphibians

  • Amphibians are cold-blooded animals.

  • An amphibian’s body temperature depends on it’s surroundings.

Facts about amphibians2

Facts About Amphibians

  • Amphibians hatch from eggs.

  • Watch the video below to learn about an amphibian’s life cycle.

Facts about amphibians3

Facts About Amphibians

  • Amphibians are vertebrates.

  • All amphibians have a backbone.

    A Frog’s Backbone

Facts about amphibians4

Facts About Amphibians

  • Amphibians have moist, slimy skin.

  • Click on the frog to learn more fun facts!







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