Upward bound math and science
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Upward Bound Math and Science PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upward Bound Math and Science. PRECALCULUS. Slope of Line. The Slope of a Line is give by the formula Find the slope of the line (-1,4) and (2,-2). Positive Slopes go uphill. Negative slopes go downhill. Equation of Line.

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Upward Bound Math and Science

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Upward Bound Math and Science


Slope of Line

  • The Slope of a Line is give by the formula

  • Find the slope of the line (-1,4) and (2,-2)

Positive Slopes go uphill

Negative slopes go downhill

Equation of Line

  • The equation of line when one point on the line and slope is given by the formula



    (x1,y1) are the point and m is the slope


  • Find the equation of the line passing through the point (4,-3) with slope of -3

Distance between two points

  • The distance between two points on the coordinate plane is given by the formula


  • Find the distance between ( -1,23) and (23,-1)

Angles ( Radians)

Angles ( Degrees)

Unit Circle


Trigonometry identities


  • Solve Cos2q+Cosq = 0

  • Hint : Cos2q = 2Cos2q-1


  • A ladder leans against a building.  The foot of the ladder is 6 feet from the building.  The ladder reaches a height of 14 feet on the building.

  • Find length of the ladder towards the nearest foot

  • Find the angle between the ladder and building


  • From a point on the ground 25 feet from the foot of a tree, the angle of elevation of the top of the tree is 32º.  Find to the nearest foot, the height of the tree.


  • The figure shown on the left is a trapezoid.  Using the information given, find the area of this trapezoid to the nearest square unit.


  • In the figure on the left, ABCD is a rectangle whose perimeter is 30.   The length of BE is 12.  Find to the nearest degree, the measure of angle E. 


  • Find x

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