Ieee computer society bog caucus may 8 2003 vancouver bc
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IEEE Computer Society BoG Caucus May 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE Computer Society BoG Caucus May 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC. Michael Lightner VP IEEE Publication Services and Products Board. Candidate for 2004 IEEE President - Elect. My personal background My professional background My IEEE background Some key issues for IEEE. Personal Background.

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IEEE Computer Society BoG Caucus May 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC

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Presentation Transcript

IEEE Computer Society BoG CaucusMay 8, 2003, Vancouver, BC

Michael Lightner

VP IEEE Publication Services and Products Board

Candidate for 2004 IEEE President - Elect

  • My personal background

  • My professional background

  • My IEEE background

  • Some key issues for IEEE

Personal Background

  • Born in Florida, 1950 - Region 3

  • Irish - German Family

  • Oldest of four children

  • Father and Mother worked for Telephone Company

  • Grew up in Florida, moving every year for 12 years

    • Telephone company moved employees when they were promoted

  • Married, no children

Professional Background

  • BS, MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Florida

  • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University

  • Positions included

    • Member technical staff - Bell Labs

    • Summer Faculty - IBM Research

    • Assistant Prof. University of Illinois

    • Visiting Faculty - University of British Columbia

Professional Background

  • Have been at University of Colorado since 1981

    • Professor, Director Graduate Studies, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

    • Currently have a joint appointment with our Medical School - Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

    • Started the University of Colorado Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities with $250M private gift

    • Awards for Teaching and Service

    • Chair of the 4-campus University Faculty Grievance committee - received Special Training in Mediation

Professional Background

  • Research Interests

    • Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits

      • Simulation, Statistical Design, Synthesis, Testing, Formal Verification

    • Signal Processing

      • Multi-objective design of digital filters, adaptive filters

    • Technology for Cognitive Disabilities

      • Working at the intersection of cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, learning science and computer science and engineering

IEEE Background

  • Member for 33 years

  • Primary Society - Circuits and Systems

    • Also, Computer, Signal Processing, Education, Communications, Engineering Medicine and Biology

  • Helped found Signal Processing Chapter in Denver

  • Have lived, worked (permanent, temporary, or consulting), or had direct research partners in every Region - except Region 9

IEEE Background

  • Circuits and Systems

    • Reviewer and Author

    • Technical Committee Chair

    • Associate Editor and Editor - Trans CAD

    • Technical and General Chair, ICCAD

    • Member BoG

    • VP Technical Activities

    • President

IEEE Background

  • TAB

    • Member

    • Division Director

    • Chair of Products Committee

    • VP-Elect, VP, Past VP

    • Management, Strategic Planning, Finance

IEEE Background

  • Awards and Honors

    • Fellow

    • Millenium Medal

    • CAS Golden Jubilee Award

    • Distinguished Service Award

    • Best Paper

IEEE Background

  • Board of Directors

    • Division Director

    • Member of Audit Committee

    • Member of Executive Committee

    • Member of Operations Review Committee - hire consultants and oversee the review of headquarters infrastructure - BDO Seidman Report

    • Member of the governance committee - part of current strategic planning

  • Currently VP Publications Services and Products Board

Key Issues for the IEEE

  • Top operational issue - clear, consistent, continuous communications within the organization

    • Absolutely necessary to build trust

    • Trust is absolutely essential to enable change and growth

Key Issues for IEEE

  • We must operate in a business like manner

    • Analyze plans and opportunities

      • What will something cost - life cycle costing?

      • Where will the money come from?

      • Is it part of our strategic plan?

      • What are the tangible and intangible benefits?

      • Can we scale an activity to support many members?

      • What are the costs of not doing something?

Key Issues for IEEE

  • Finances continues to be a difficult challenge.

  • The latest results show a problem for 2003

    • We are working hard on this

  • 2004 will inherit some of the challenges

  • This one issue can tear us apart!

    • We must communicate clearly and often - the issues, reasons and what we are all doing to address the problems

    • It is a challenge for us all in both IEEE and our professional and personal lives

    • We will live through it and we must work to maintain our key values and activities as we move forward

Key Issues for IEEE

  • How can we share across our organizations?

    • Imperative for future success

    • First establish trust - communications

    • Develop understanding of opportunities for mutual success

    • Build infrastructure to support sharing

Key Issues for IEEE

  • Our entire business model is or will be facing incredible challenges

    • Publications

      • Access all IEEE IP through IEL

        • Will be available to all members (and non-members) through a variety of mechanisms in the next 5 years

      • Raises issues of member in societies and even membership in IEEE

    • Conference are in difficulty because of economy

      • They may emerge with quite different characters

    • Continuing/Professional Education

      • Absolutely required for our members - we must be part of the solution

Key Issues for IEEE

  • We need a continuing multiple year:

    • Budget process

    • Analysis of risks

    • Analysis of multiple scenarios and generation of potential responses

      • We react to a problem, often too late - we must become proactive

    • Planning for integration of projects/initiatives across the Institute

  • We need to become much more data and information driven in our decision making

  • We must have an informed BoD - we don’t!

Key Issues for IEEE

  • Membership and Volunteers

    • How many, how to grow into new areas, cost, benefits

  • While I stand firmly for a de-centralized and locally driven structure the values of centralizing some portions of the infrastructure are clear - Pubs

  • One major challenge is to maintain the local flavor while supplying appropriate centralized infrastructure

    • Insure that central infrastructure supports local creativity

Operational Vision

  • Creativity

    • Driven from the Societies, Chapters, etc.

      • Enable and Encourage

  • Coherence

    • As appropriate activities must be scalable across the range of our organization

      • Coordinate at the OU level

  • Effectiveness

    • Our activities have to work from a fiscal setting

      • Coordinate between OU’s and BoD

A Personal Vision for IEEE

  • In the many different areas I have worked technically and geographically there has always been IEEE

  • IEEE has been the integrating thread, the constant, in my career

  • I believe that IEEE can be this integrating thread in the careers of all members

  • This is done by maintaining a highly diverse organization of excellence which encourages, acknowledges and rewards participation and is as broad as our growing field

  • We should ask what is needed to be a constant support and point of focus and integration in the careers of our members - not just what we can give them.


  • Many problems/challenges

  • Cannot waste time and talent on trivial issues

    • Must look forward, use current situation and facts and not urban legends in our decision making

  • Must utilize talent from all parts of this vast organization

  • There are excellent candidates for President-Elect, Directors, VP TAB and all the other elected positions

    • Think about running for a position yourself!

  • Must engage more of our membership in voting, voicing opinions and knowing that they can make a difference and their opinion is important - please vote

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