Technology component computer hardware
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Technology Component: Computer Hardware. Dr. V.T. Raja Oregon State University. Hardware – Part 1 Outline. Why learn about hardware?. Technology Component: Computer Hardware Why learn about hardware?. To make informed h/w purchase decisions for personal use

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Technology component computer hardware

Technology Component: Computer Hardware

Dr. V.T. Raja

Oregon State University

Hardware part 1 outline
Hardware – Part 1 Outline

  • Why learn about hardware?

Technology component computer hardware why learn about hardware
Technology Component: Computer HardwareWhy learn about hardware?

  • To make informed h/w purchase decisions for personal use

  • To support IS (e.g. software/data processing) needs of employees within/across functional units

  • To provide appropriate h/w related productivity tools; empower yourself and your employees

  • Head of functional unit held accountable even though their specialization may not be IT

  • To avoid having disparate systems that make communication (information flow) difficult among different functional units in organization

Why learn about hardware
Why learn about hardware?

  • To facilitate information/communication needs of business partners/customers

  • To enable effective communication with IT/CS folks in your unit/firm

  • To perform hardware upgrades and basic IT troubleshooting without having to wait for IT/CS folks

  • To have the basic IT fundamentals to facilitate personal and professional success for information workers in an information era

Why learn about hardware1
Why learn about hardware?

  • To gain/sustain competitive advantage

    • Shape/enhance/change strategy; Facilitate achieving strategic goals

    • Combat competitive forces

    • To use IS/IT effectively

  • Firms frequently must assess their competitive advantage in terms of their computing capability. This may be true even when your firm’s core competency is not IS/IT.

Example 1
Example – 1

  • California Department of Justice (CDJ)

    • Runs several IS for law enforcement including the State’s Consolidated Firearms IS, which gun dealers use to screen and approve customers wishing to purchase guns

    • H/w Selection/Purchase Decision: (IBM)

      • Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) versus Clustered Computing Systems

        • Clustered 16 Quad IBM NUMA-Q 2000 Systems

Example 2
Example - 2

  • Mount Everest Expedition

    • To gain better understanding of climate and geology

    • H/w Selection/Purchase Decision:

      • Adaptability to varying temperatures (sub-zero to uncomfortably hot temperatures)

      • Processing and storage power to hold a week’s worth of data

      • Beam data (wireless) every week

      • Real-time remote monitoring of systems

      • Battery powered systems

      • Custom-built by MIT Researchers

Example 3
Example - 3

  • Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

    • 3000+ rooms; 9000+ employees

    • Computer systems that would serve their business/customer IS needs, at the time of their grand opening (October 1998) and beyond

    • H/w Selection/Purchase Decision: DELL

      • Xeon Processors; Thin Clients; RAID; Fiber-Channel Technology

Hardware part 1 outline1
Hardware – Part 1 Outline

  • Factors that influence hardware selection

Factors that influence hardware selection
Factors that influence hardware selection

Most organizations decide based on some or all criteria given below:

  • Speed

  • Capability

  • Appropriateness for current business needs

  • Scalability

  • Cost (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Vendor Support

  • System Reliability

  • Compatibility with existing h/w, s/w