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Ceo founder ken rasner

Ken Rasner is co-owner and President of Harmonic FM, LLC; the company that manufactures our CieAura transparent holographic chips. “Direct Sales is the best way to market our products. When people try them – they love them; that is why I started CieAura.”

For nearly three years Mr. Rasner lived in Asia and served as president of a $200 million international network marketing company. In the US he served as Senior VP for a $50 million direct sales company and as Executive Vice President he helped a start-up network marketing company grow from under $650,000 a month to over $24 million of annualized sales in five months. Mr. Rasner currently sits on the Board of Directors for S.W.A.T.S. (Sports with Alternatives to Steroids), LLC.

One of Mr. Rasner's two master's degrees is in administration; the other is in music. He has served on the faculty at a major university in Southern California. Ken is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been a guest speaker at multiple businesses and universities world wide. He is an entertaining and empowering speaker who focuses on helping others become extraordinarily successful.

President randy mitchell

Randy Mitchell is a highly recognized business consultant, coach, and mentor with nearly two decades of executive and industry experience in direct sales both in the field as well as having served as a President and CEO / Founder for two different companies.

Prior to joining this industry, he had a distinguished 22-year corporate career with AT&T where he was ultimately responsible for a $40+ million budget, 22 managers, and hundreds of employees. He developed and implemented process and quality control training programs company wide. The results of his programs surpassed all expectations, significantly increasing productivity and morale throughout AT&T.

Randy gained recognition from a variety of groups including Union executives as a result of these massively successful programs. Upon retiring from AT&T, he created a vast amount of invigorating and educational material and programs spanning across the United States.

With his influential seminars and soul-filling presentations, as well as inspirational books and tapes, Randy has assisted people in experiencing substantial growth in both money and success. His clients have experienced a cumulative 1000% growth in their business ventures making them millions of dollars.

Senior vp jerry yerke

Jerry “JY” Yerke is a network marketing industry executive with over 15 years experience, both domestically and internationally, bringing a wealth of sales and leadership experience to CieAura.

As a consummate entrepreneur, Jerry rapidly climbed to the top of the Domino's Pizza franchise system, becoming the largest franchisee in the state of Nevada. With a desire to take on new challenges and a passion for helping people, JY launched his network marketing career and helped take a company from $30 million to $1.4 billion in revenue as one of the top retailers. As Executive Vice President of Lexxus International Philippines, he supported all of southeast Asia by developing tools, training, leadership, and marketing which led to the company's growth from $20 million to over $200 million. Prior to joining CieAura, JY served as Vice President of Sales for a health and wellness direct sales startup, and was instrumental in taking the company from the USA to open in five countries in a 17 month period.

Coo al leland

For the past 5 years Al Leland has served as Vice President Research and Development for an Atlanta based manufacturing company. He is one of the most organized, disciplined and nicest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet; he is a perfect match to run Operations for CieAura.

Prior to entering the business world, as a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Al protected our country as he served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force with Top Secret Clearance. Lt. Colonel Leland’s last assignment was second in command of a tactical fighter squadron with over 80 personnel and 15 aircraft. He was a member of the exclusive Operational Readiness Inspection Team and was the liaison to high level civilian and military dignitaries including the Chiefs of Staff of several NATO Countries and Ambassadors. Mr. Leland went on to Delta Airlines where he continued as a pilot for 17 years. He has taught at the college level and is active in the Atlanta area serving on various committees dedicated to honoring his community. Al’s education includes a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA.

Director of social media marie ia jimenez

Marie “Ia” Jimenez is recognized as one of the top female speakers and trainers for successful, multi-million dollar companies, Ia is a highly sought after personal coach and Certified Career Consultant. She has advised and/or been a board member for multiple international marketing companies. Ia has had tremendous success in direct sales and network marketing and is genuinely loved by her teams. Although Ia is an upbeat and dynamic speaker, you will feel her compassion and commitment to personal values. She was the online radio host for the show "How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children... And Parents Too!" based on the book by Dr. Gerald Newmark. Her engaging style helps others quickly understand and utilize the techniques of time management while balancing the challenges of career success and family priorities. As a successful model, Ia has been prominently featured in campaigns for Ford Motors, Levi's, Oracle, Gap, Verizon, Packard Bell, and others. Combining over 15 years of modeling experience with her passion for helping others, Ia has developed and implemented workshops at modeling schools and choreographed beauty pageants.

Executive operations managers bernie rivera

Bernie Rivera brings over 12 years of experience in successfully building multi-million dollar companies from ground zero. Specializing in operations, administration, compliance and customer service, his experience in domestic and international markets has a winning track-record.

Prior to joining CieAura, Bernie spent the last 8 years in operations for companies specializing in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, and was responsible for putting the systems in place that would support the projected growth of the company and industry.

Creative director scott deyett

Scott Deyett comes to CieAura with over ten years experience working with clients from diverse industries including multi-million dollar talent agencies and many of today’s hottest entertainers: Sci Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, MTV’s Rock the Vote, guests from the Rachel Rae Show, International Authors and Speakers and many more. Scott received a firm foundation in traditional art from Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art where he received his Undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts. After which, he attended Oswego State University where he received his Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Having been the Creative Director for a major Central New York based advertising magazine for several years, he now runs his own design company based out of Syracuse, NY.

Cieaura advisory council and other retailers you might recognize
CieAura Advisory Council and other Retailers you might recognize…

Corporate offices


  • SUWANEE, GEORGIA (The Holographic Chips are Manufactured)



Memorize this to help you build your business
Memorize this to help you build your business!!! PLACEMENT

CieAura has taken an old science and a new technology and put them together. The science, which is all natural and has been around for thousands of years, has been coupled with an innovative 21st Century Delivery mechanism in a unique holographic chip. There are three products that help with pain, energy, and sleep. Each chip has its own formula written or branded into the holograms. These formulas are composed of sound waves, vibrations, and frequencies. When the chips are placed on specific pressure points on the body, it helps the body to do what it is supposed to do and perform at an optimum level.The product’s success, which works 100% of the time, is contingent on a few things:1) Location - making sure the chips are placed on the correct areas on the body2) Duration - making sure that chips are left on the body and given ample time to work3) Hydration – making sure the body is properly hydrated

*These products Do Not diagnose, prevent, heal, treat or cure.




    • COFFEE



    • CARBONATED DRINKS (While they do not dehydrate the body, they do trick the body in to thinking it has more water than it does)


  • FOODS:










    • DIURETICS (A diuretic is any drug that elevates the rate of urination and thus provides a means of forced diuresis. All diuretics increase the excretion of water from bodies, although each class does so in a distinct way.)


Cieaura s 3d non transdermal holographic chips 18 chips month supply
CieAura’s 3D Non-Transdermal PLACEMENTHolographic Chips – 18 Chips/Month Supply

Pure Energy

Directions: PLACE ONE INCH BELOW COLLAR BONE, NEAR SHOULDER. Provides a consistent balanced energy flow for mental alertness and stamina a subtle increase… naturally. (Do not expect a surge or a crash).

Pure Relief


Rest Quiet

Directions: PLACE ONE CHIP ON EITHER TEMPLE WHEN READY TO SLEEP. Rest Quiet helps you attain a deep restful REM sleep. Increased dreaming and reduction or elimination of respiratory sounds (snoring) are common.

Smart Sampling and Referring!!!!

You can sample the Holographic Chips by cutting the sheets of chips into (2) chips and placing them in small envelopes. *(Make sure when you are sampling the chips you include placement directions and your prospects are well hydrated.

New Holographic Chips Coming This YEAR !!!Immune, Weight-Loss, Autism, Alzheimer's, Sinus Allergy, Male Enhancement and Smoking Cessation, Anti-Depressant and more…

Cx2 performance enhancing

Every CX2 packet includes 2 types of chips, the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip and the CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip. The CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip significantly improves endurance, mental clarity and focus, stamina, balance and muscle mass as you workout or compete. This chip is shaped just like our current energy chip (oval), but has the strongest formula available on the market . It even includes energies that help muscles recover rapidly from a strenuous performance. There is a 3 chip placement protocol and a 5 chip placement protocol recommendation below. Use only the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip for both placement protocols. The CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip is square shaped.* It is designed to be placed (in addition to the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip) on the body in the spot you anticipate would be most likely to experience discomfort or become sore during or after athletic competition.


  • EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) have been widely researched and questions about cell phone radiation safety are considered unsettled. Several research teams from various countries report a higher risk of developing brain and salivary gland cancer among high-volume, long-term cell phone users compared to people who use cell phones less often. Other research teams have found that cell phone radiation may cause serious problems in children, spur neurological changes in adults, and damage sperm.

  • A study at UCLA found a correlation between prenatal exposure to cell phone radiation and behavioral problems in children (Divan 2008)

  • Scientists have found an increased risk for Alzheimer's disease associated with electromagnetic radiation (Huss 2009)

  • A recent Danish study reported an increased risk for neurological symptoms such as migraine and vertigo for cell phone users (Schuz 2009)

More Chips = More Money Potential PLACEMENT$39 Business Center + an Inventory Pack(Your Investment $119 or $359 or $1,438 and a $39.95 Monthly Auto-ship)


This may be the best value for $39 you’ll ever get. This provides you with a fully functional, completely designed

replicated web site from which you can do business 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, world wide. This is your virtual store front to showcase your products. It’s also your cashier, your accountant and your warehouse.


If you are serious about building a business you’ll want to have several samples of all the products. The Business Pack gives you three packets of each type of our launch products (Rest Quiet, Pure Energy Plus and Pure Relief). Plus, because you are serious about building your business CieAura includes an extra bonus packet of Pure Relief… That’s a $39.95 value for free!


The big advantage of this pack is price. You pay for 36 single packets and receive 12 bonus packets for free. That drops the price per packet down to $29.96 each. This gives you a much bigger retail margin. Also you have many more products to hand out (at a lesser wholesale price) as you build your business.

Premium Pack qualifies for 8/8 Matching Bonus for 1st 90 Days.

In multi level marketing timing is everything stick and stay
In Multi-Level Marketing PLACEMENTTiming is Everything…Stick and Stay!!!

CieAura offers a ground floor opportunity…

  • You have an opportunity to be a part of a cutting edge technology.

  • CieAura officially Launched from Houston, TX March 18th-21st 2010.

  • 50% of all revenue will be paid to CieAura Retailers. Be apart of this incredible growth by taking advantage of every opportunity to build your business for the next 24-36 months!!!

1) Skepticism 2) Acceptance 3) Critical Mass


1. Retail Profits -- buy at wholesale – sell at retail (37% profit without the overhead of a store front, or warehouse). Retail sales are paid at the time of the sale or if the sale is made online, the profits are paid weekly.

2. Preferred Customer Profits – PCs purchase on autoship at an 18.2% discount, saving $10 per order ($44.95). Retailers receive a 33.33% profit ($15.00) - the CSV is calculated at 50% of retail sales or 15 CSV for each one month packet (instead of the normal 30). Profits are paid weekly.

3. Team Sales Commissions – pays 10% of the CSV of the lesser team sales (called “Pay Team”) --- Team Sales Commissions are paid weekly, however they are capped at $7,500 a week.

4. First Order Bonuses – are paid weekly

• Home Pack pays $15 to the retailer who referred the new person and $5 to their immediate upline

• Business Pack pays $100 (Normally $50) to the retailer who referred the new person and $20 to their immediate upline

• Premium Advantage pays $300 (Normally $100) to the retailer who referred the new person and $50 to their immediate upline


5. Seven-Level Unlimited Matching Bonuses – To receive Matching Bonuses a Retailer must have personally referred people according to the Matching Bonus chart and all personal referrals must be active. One of the outstanding points of CieAura’s compensation plan is that to maximize the Matching Bonuses team building is required to be equal to both teams, making this extremely fair for all concerned. Matching Bonuses are paid monthly.

6. Global Bonus Pool – Here new and/or part-time retailers can receive a part of the company’s gross sales world wide. It is like profit sharing without being an employee. Three percent (3% ) of CSV world wide is paid back monthly based on share volume: For every 1,000 CSV generated from unilevel (personal genealogy) the retailer earns 1 share (3% of total CSV divided by total number of earned shares = the value of 1 share.) When a retailer’s monthly income hits $5000, not counting the GBP, they no longer participate in the pool. Their shares now go to qualified retailers making less than $5,000.

7. Leadership Ranks, Rewards and Benefits – These are listed in the Pin-Level Chart. By building your Sales Teams and advancing through the company pin levels you can earn all Expense Paid Trips to exotic locations, Advanced Training, Luxury Automobile Allowances, Insurance Allowances and even Expense Accounts to help you build your

business at the highest level all while having fun!

Building your cieaura business focus on completing your box today power of 2 concept
Building Your CieAura Business PLACEMENTFOCUS ON COMPLETING YOUR BOX TODAY“Power of 2 Concept”

  • Write your name in the top box.

  • You will need to establish a Left and a Right Team by sponsoring New Retailers.

  • Write the names of your personally sponsored New Retailers in the Left and Right Box.

  • Be committed to completing your box and helping your 2 New Retailers complete their box.

  • This will qualify you for (CSV) Commissionable Sales Volume of 10%.

First order commission refer to current promotions for updated commissions
First Order Commission PLACEMENT*Refer To Current Promotions for Updated Commissions*

  • You will receive a First Order Commission for every personally sponsored New Retailer, who buys a Home Pack $119.85 (60 CSV), Business Pack $359.55 (200 CSV) or Premium Advantage Pack $1438.20 (750 CSV)….

Duplication is the Key! PLACEMENTHelp your Left and Right Team’s New Retailers get their Left and Right Team New Retailers...Cooperative Building!

Upline First Order Commission – PLACEMENTgenerated when your personally sponsored Retailers sponsor a Retailer. *Refer To Current Promotions for Commissions*

Earn 10% Commission Sales Volume– PLACEMENTthis will generate from your PAY Leg. Your Largest Volume Leg will become your POWER Leg and your Lowest Volume Leg will become your PAY Leg. You will receive 10% of your TOTAL Team Volume. Keep in mind your Legs will not grow evenly and your Power Leg will eventually become your Pay Leg. Earn up to $7,500 a week or $390,000 a year. You Never Loose Your Power Leg Volume!

Power Leg Volume Total = 1,400 CSV

Qualify for Matching Bonuses PLACEMENT – by sponsoring 2 Retailers on Each Leg. Two on your Left and Right Leg. Note: Each Retailer that your personally sponsor will be on your 1st Level. The Retailers they sponsor will be on your second and so on…You will receive a 10% CSV Matching Bonus on your 1st Level Retailers and 5% on your 2nd Level Retailers. As you sponsor more Retailers on each Leg, your CSV Matching Bonus will increase.

Big Picture of Matching Bonuses PLACEMENTAs you sponsor more Retailers on each Leg your Matching Bonus % will increase. Your Ultimate Goal is to sponsor 15 Retailers on each Leg (Left and Right). Everyone you sponsor will always be on your 1st Level no matter how deep you go or who you place them under in your organization. When someone in your organization receives a CSV Bonus you will also receive a bonus up to 30% on your 1st Level, 20% on 2nd Level and 10% from Levels 3 thru 7. This is where the BIG MONEY WILL BE MADE!

Matching bonus

How To Build A Huge Organization PLACEMENTThis is what will happen if you teach your New Retailers to sponsor 1 New Retailer every month for next 24 months. You will also sponsor 1 New Retailer a month. Keep in mind the Level of Effort for everyone is the same, only 1 Retailer a month. The Numbers Don’t Lie!! You Do the Math!!! Get Qualified First!!!90% Wrong & 10% Right = 1.6 Million Retailers or 99% Wrong & 1% Right = 160,000 Retailers

Year One 2010

What can happen in 12 months?

Jan 2 =You +1

Feb 4

Mar 8

Apr 16

May 32

Jun 64

Jul 128

Aug 256

Sep 512

Oct 1024

Nov 2048

Dec 4096

Year Two 2011

Jan 8,192

Feb 16,384

Mar 32,768

Apr 65,536

May 131,072

Jun 262,144

Jul 524,288

Aug 1,048,576

Sep 2,097,152

Oct 4,194,304

Nov 8,388,608

Dec 16,777,216

  • Become a Master at Asking:

  • DO YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW HAVE ANY CURRENT CHRONIC DISCOMFORT (foot, knee, leg, hip, back, migraines)?





Importance of auto ships csv and retail customers
Importance of Auto-Ships, CSV and Retail Customers PLACEMENT

  • Everyone you sample the Holographic Chips to may not want to become your CieAura Business Partner.

  • They can become your Retail Customer by purchasing a month’s supply of Holographic Chips from your Web-site/Retail Store. You will make a $15 Retail Commission and receive a 30 CSV credit, which equates to 10% CSV or $3 for every customer that is added to your total sales team volume.

  • Keep in mind that All Retailers in your organization should also be on an auto-ship of their favorite month supply of Holographic Chips. This will also generate a 30 CSV that will be added to your total sales team volume.

  • The auto-ship is very important for every retailer, if they want to receive a commission from CieAura. No Auto-ship = No Check!!

Leader Ranks, Rewards and Benefits PLACEMENT(Car Allowance, Expense Account and Insurance Allowance) and the Global Bonus Pool

Understanding the Global Bonus Pool

Summary of compensation plan based on current promotions

First Order Commission PLACEMENT

Enroll a Home Pack Retailer earn $15

Enroll a Business Pack Retailer earn $100

Enroll a Premium Pack Retailer earn $300

Upline First Order Commission

Help Your New Retailer Enroll a Home Pack earn $5

Help Your New Retailer Enroll a Business Pack $20

Help your New Retailer Enroll a Premium Pack earn $50

Commission Sales Volume (CSV) Off Your Lowest Volume or Pay Leg

Max out at $7500/week or $390K/year

Every Home Pack 60pts = $6

Business Pack 200pts = $20

Premium Pack 1000pts = $100

Retail Commission

Customer $15

Preferred Customer $15

Matching Bonus

When you Enroll 2 Retailers on Left and 2 on Right you qualify for 10% on 1st Level and 5% on 2nd Level…Enroll more qualify for more…

Premium Pack qualifies for 8/8 Matching Bonus for 1st 90 Days. DOUBLE

Global Bonus Pool*(Earn less than $5000 and meet requirements)

Leader Ranks, Rewards and Benefits

Car Allowance

Expense Account

Health and Life Insurance Allowance

Summary of Compensation PlanBased on Current Promotions!

Tools to a successful cieaura business

  • Get qualified ASAP by sponsoring Retailers on the Left and Right Legs.

  • Stay plugged into Conference Calls & Meetings.

  • Utilize Upline Support.

  • Schedule a house party/gathering and invite folks over to share your new business. Chip up your guests!!!

  • Follow the Blue Print of 1 Retailer a month or more…

  • Utilize technology – emails, text messages, FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Internet Marketing, etc…

  • Take action, no procrastination and no excuses.

  • The Only Guarantee in this business is if you don’t do anything you don’t make any money!!!

  • Chip, Chip Away…Smart Samplingand Refer!

Watch the diamond system training video go to the www thedreamteamworldwide com
Watch the Diamond System PLACEMENTTraining Videogo to the:

The 12 Foot Prints to Success:

  • Make A List (20 people right now)

  • Ask - Do you or anyone you know….?

  • Sample Out Product

  • Follow-up (within 24 hours)

  • Introduce the Business Opportunity

  • Master Inviting and Holding Business Evaluations in your 1st 2 weeks (Focus on becoming a Four Star in your 1st 30 days)

  • Use the System (Main Video, Live Conference Calls, PTS-Presentation & Training System, 3-Way your upline, 24/7 Recorded Calls, PowerPoint – not people dependent

  • Expand your List to Over 200 People (you’ll be surprised how many people you know,

  • Identify your Power List

  • Help each of your Personally Sponsored Retailers Complete Stage 1

  • Learn the Secret of Events and Use the Power of Events…Events Drive Your Business!

  • Gain Massive Knowledge and Take Massive Action

    *Always Build To Your Far Outside Legs!

Your Goal: Earn $1,000 in a 4 Week Period, get 2 & 2 with a Preferred Customer and become a 5 Star Retailer. Do it ASAP!!!

After you purchase your business center and receive your Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:


  • Do you or anyone you know have trouble getting a good night’s sleep?

  • Do you or anyone you know ever get tired during the day?

  • Do you or anyone you know ever lose some of your mental clarity just due to being exhausted?

NEW TO MULTILEVEL MARKETING; HOW TO GET STARTED Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

When they say, “Yes” to any of these questions, then just say, “Here, try this Hologram. See if it works for you like it does for me.”

Once they try it they will want more. When they ask, “Where do I get these?” then you tell them, “On the internet” and give them your web address. Let the product do the work for you … these amazing chips will bring the people to you!

If they ask, “How much do they cost?” you can say, “You can buy them at retail getting a one month’s supply at a time, or you can get them at a discount by being a Preferred Customer. That’s where you have them sent directly to you automatically every month (like the “book-of-the-month club”). Or, you can do like I do, get them at wholesale and earn some extra money. Which do you prefer?

You want to refer people to the product and to your website. Your goal is to get four personally referred retailers (two on each Sales Team). That makes you a Four STAR Retailer and you are now eligible to earn all the various commissions and bonuses. There is no time limit on personally referred retailers. Take as long as you need. The key is to give out the product, so people can try them. When they try them, they will want them!

DEFINITIONS Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

PYRAMID SCHEME Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

A fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they paid in.

AUTOSHIP Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

The Autoship program is designed to make it simple and easy for active retailers and customers to receive their products monthly. By signing up for Autoship the product is sent every month automatically and the corresponding credit card is charged. This insures that no one runs out of products and that retailers will always be qualified for commissions and bonuses.

COMMISSIONABLE SALES VOLUME (CSV) Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

Commissionable Sales Volume; all CieAura products and Initial Inventory Packs have a CSV point value. Whenever a purchase is made, the CSV accumulates in the Sales Team where the purchase occurs.

PERSONAL SALES VOLUME (PSV) Initial Inventory Pack, be sure you are signed up to receive one or more one-month packets of our incredible holographic chips. Next you ask people to try the product. Use these questions:

  • Personal Sales Volume: In order to qualify for monthly team commissions a retailer must personally generate at least 30 commissionable sales volumes in the qualifying month. That PSV can come from either their personal purchases or from their personally referred Preferred Customer’s volume (which counts at 50%). In order to qualify for matching bonuses a retailer’s PSV must be 75 CSV in the qualifying month. For all Star Retailers, all PSV in excess of 75 CSV will accrue in the Pay Team and for all Retailers ranked Diamond and above, all PSV in excess of 125 CSV will accrue in the Pay Team.

    • If a Retailer does not have personal volume of at least 30 PSV in a calendar month, all their accrued volume will flush from both their Pay Team and their Power Team


The proportion of time spent in REM sleep during the sleep cycle is highest when a person is a baby or small child. The proportion of REM sleep drops off further with adolescence, and further still in old age. However, the lengthening of the REM cycle comes with old age.

REM has been shown to have links to memory consolidation and to learning. People who are deprived of REM sleep through sleep deprivation might have problems remembering. They also might have trouble learning new things.

The stages of sleep proceed in cycles throughout the night. The cycles might repeat as many as five times per night. The length and intensity of REM sleep increases with each succeeding cycle. During the first cycle, REM sleep might be only 10 minutes long, while during the last cycle it might stretch to 90 minutes.

The duration of REM sleep is affected by physical and psychological factors, as is the quickness of its onset. People who are depressed have shorter REM stages than normal. However, people who are being treated for depression with drugs like Prozac often have longer REM cycles. Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder where a person may fall asleep for short periods of time at unexpected times, may delay the onset of REM sleep. People with narcolepsy have also been shown to exhibit signs of REM sleep disorder. In this disorder, the person's large voluntary muscles are not paralyzed and they attempt to act out their dreams, often quite violently.


Dearborn Partners monthly CSV.

Wealth management for institutions and high net worth individuals.

In 1997, three Chicago investment managers with a desire to provide a more personalized level of client service joined together as Dearborn Partners LLC.

An independent, privately held firm based in Chicago, Dearborn Partners has 24 employees working with over 40 institutional clients and over 200 private clients.

The investment process is implemented by professionals who have managed money successfully through decades of volatility and changing market climates.

Institutional InvestorsPrivate Client InvestorsSeparately Managed Accounts

Customized Investment Portfolios monthly CSV.

We tailor each portfolio to our client’s specific needs. Using institutional resources and working with a variety of custodians, we are able to better meet client objectives, whether you are planning for retirement, education of children or maintaining your estate for your heirs, we can provide the counsel and investment expertise to achieve those goals. Our management team each has over 20 years of experience in managing client relationships, so you will talk with someone who has the necessary tools to assist you in achieving your goals. You won’t be talking with an intermediary, but the person making the decisions on your behalf.

We are a fee based independent advisor with the ability to build custom portfolios from a wide variety of investment products. We act as a fiduciary, providing our clients investments suitable to their investment objectives and are not tied to any proprietary products or companies that compromise our ability to act in the best interest of our clients.

We specialize in Independent advice to help preserve, grow, enhance and pass on your wealth. Included below is a partial list of many of the services that we can provide to you:

Financial planning—including estate, pre and post retirement, college and in divorce situations.

Pension/Profit Sharing—including 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth, rollovers and stock option plans.

Long term care

Seminars—we are available to talk with your group on a wide variety of topics, from the current markets and economy to estate planning or for companies looking to assist their employees in transition from the workforce to retirement.

Paul J. Nolte, CFA monthly CSV.

Managing Director

Mr. Nolte provides portfolio management services to individual and institutional clients.

A 20 year plus investment management veteran, Paul was most recently Director of Investments with Hinsdale Associates overseeing the investment activity of the firm. Previously, he was a lead portfolio manager for Bank One and National City Bank where he managed private and institutional client relationships. Earlier, he was an advisor for Feldman Investment Group in Chicago and CLR Financial in Elmhurst. Paul's investment expertise is in portfolio management and asset allocation.

DePaul University, MBA FinanceIllinois Wesleyan University, B.A. Business Administration

[email protected]

Testing your cieaura knowledge
Testing Your CieAura Knowledge monthly CSV.

  • Who is the CEO/Founder & President?

  • Where are the corporate offices located?

  • What are the some of the new chips coming soon?

  • How many retailers do you need to qualify for CSV?

  • How many retailers do you need to qualify for matching bonuses

  • How do the chips work?

  • Where do you place the chips?

  • Do the chips have side effects? Or need FDA Approval?

  • Why is the auto-ship important?

  • How much does it cost to become a retailer? How much are the different packs? How many chips come in a month’s supply?

  • Who qualifies for the Global Bonus Pool?

  • Who is already the Top Money Earner in CieAura?

  • What is the name of our Team?

  • What are your goals? How many people will you sign up as a retailer this month?

Questions you re in business for yourself but not by yourself

Questions? monthly CSV.You're In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself...

If you think you can, you will…

Together Everyone Achieves More

See You at the Top!!