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Tornado s
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Tornado’s. By: Maryam AlMuhannadi Hamad Telfat. How Tornado’s Form .

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Tornado s


By: Maryam AlMuhannadi

Hamad Telfat

How tornado s form

How Tornado’s Form

  • Tornado’s are formed when warm moist air from the south passes over to the cooler air from the north. The difference in the wind speed and direction create a tube of spinning air called a vortex. Rising air in the thunderstorm makes the vortex to tilt and stand on the end. When the vortex meets the ground, friction causes the wind to spin tighter, creating a tornado that sweeps everything in its path.

Tornado diagram

Tornado Diagram

How can tornado s change the earth

How Can Tornado’s Change The Earth

  • A tornado can change the earth when its wipes away a forest and kills the trees then the people won’t have oxygen to breath. Tornado’s can also destroy buildings, break houses (rip the roofs off),Kill plants, animals etc.

Human responses to tornados changing the earth

Human Responses To Tornados Changing The Earth.

  • There are a lot of human responses to tornados like.. When humans put up signs to warn other people that there might be a tornado coming, scientists can predict when tornados are going to happen. They can communicate in different ways like text messaging or by radio or just simply a telephone call.

How much damage can a tornado cause

How Much Damage Can A Tornado Cause

A tornado is a very powerful and damaging windstorm. It can rip apart houses, throw things above the clouds, and do nearly anything destructive. Tornadoes, whether they are a few yards wide or a mile wide, will sweep many miles of land destroying everything in their paths. However, tornadoes are also capable of moving objects without causing any damage whatsoever. This, unfortunately, is rare. The government can spend millions of pounds/dollars on repairs every year. For example, the F5 tornado of Oklahoma city ( 3rd may, 1999) cost around 1 billion dollars in repairs.

Map of where tornado s occur in the world

Map Of Where Tornado’s Occur In The World

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