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Bon bini
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BON BINI. Na Aruba, One Happy Island. The necessity of a regional project on the prevention of childhood obesity. Health-Sport-Education-Infrastructure . Aruban School Children academic course: 1940. Aruban School Children today.

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Bon bini


Na Aruba, One Happy Island

The necessity of a regional project on the prevention of childhood obesity. Health-Sport-Education-Infrastructure

Bon bini

Aruban School Children academic course: 1940

Aruban School Children today

Bon bini

If we think of transmissible disease as having a complexity of 100, and

non communicate disease a complexity of 1000, then

obesity has a complexity of 1 billion

Bon bini

The prevention of childhood obesity requires increasing the perception

This can only be made possible if people recognize childhood obesity as a disease

Its prevention entails physical activity and balanced nutrition, through the complex process of perception of the problem and the motivation to prevent it.

Bon bini

Bureau Minister van VS Post:16560001

The number of people doing moderate and intense physical activity in recent years increased steadily from 9% in 2006 to 39% in 2012

Adults: 81% overweight

Bon bini

ARUBA 2003

Bon bini

the number of car is higher than the number of adults

more than 1.5 million of tourists.

99.9% imported food

Bon bini

La Habana, January 2013

Bridgetown, May 2013

Bon bini

Washington, USA 2012

Antigua, Guatemala 2012

Chapala, Mexico 2012

Santiago de Chile, 2012

Bon bini

Vilcabamba, Ecuador, September 2012

Bon bini

The prevalence of overweight including obesity in boys in Bonaire is 24.1% and in girls 32.5%. The prevalence of obesity is 10.2% in boys and 13.1% in girls

Despite the absence of fast-food companies the prevalence of overweight and obesity in 6-11 year old children is higher in Bonaire than in Netherlands but lower in Aruba

Bon bini

Aruba, 2013

Bon bini

We can prevent childhood obesity!!!!

Bon bini

Stakeholders must be motivated with specific stimulus to multi sectorial and multi-level actions in aspects of agriculture, industry, trade, infrastructure, legislation and media, among others

Specific platform is

necessary to do it

Bon bini

Preventing Obesity poses a pivotal challenge and opportunity for change. It’s also one of humanity’s most pressing obligations

Many shortcomings and contradictions come with task, yet never before have so many political leaders, scientists, and health experts conjointly recognized their concern and need to act on this issue

Bon bini

We must address it now and with the full strength of our professional knowledge, research capacity, diplomatic cooperation, and public outreach because the health and development of entire nations depend upon it

We can prevent Obesity

With the contribution of everyone concerned. Let’s do it right!

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