Lesson 10: Fulfilled Prophecy

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Lesson 10: Fulfilled Prophecy

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1. Lesson 10: Fulfilled Prophecy

2. I. What Prophecies Did the Messiah Have to Fulfill?

8. II. What Is the Probability that Jesus Fulfilled Those Prophecies by Chance?

9. II. What Is the Probability that Jesus Fulfilled Those Prophecies by Chance? Conservative estimate: 1 in 1017

10. III. What Do These Fulfilled Prophecies Demonstrate?

11. They demonstrate that Jesus was the predicted Messiah, and since the Messiah was to be divine, it shows that Jesus was God.

12. IV. Application of Lesson

13. A. This week, discuss the fulfillment of Messianic prophecies with an unbeliever. Present the list of prophecies that Jesus fulfilled hundreds of years after the predictions. Use the Texas illustration to show the improbability that these prophecies were fulfilled by chance. In the space below, record his/her reactions.

14. B. Share the following illustration with the same unbeliever: A prognosticator predicted 50 things about you. They all came true except one. The last one was conditional: If you drive down a certain street on a certain day, you will die in a fiery car crash. Would you drive down that street? In light of the fact that Jesus fulfilled at least 49 prophecies of the Bible (they all came true), are you going to ignore one more prophecy that says that if you don’t receive Jesus, you will be separated from God forever?

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