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DORA: Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment ®. By: . Presentation Topics. Research Base Product Overview Unique Capabilities Example Reports and Demonstration Supplemental Instruction Options Current Users Summary/Next Steps . DORA: Research Base. Assessment Expertise

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Presentation topics
Presentation Topics

  • Research Base

  • Product Overview

  • Unique Capabilities

  • Example Reports and Demonstration

  • Supplemental Instruction Options

  • Current Users

  • Summary/Next Steps

Dora research base
DORA: Research Base

Assessment Expertise

  • Research-based and developed by acknowledged experts from UC Berkeley

  • Reading Team lead by Dr. Richard McCallum

  • Statistically validated for reliability

  • Focus on the profile of the students

Intelligent technology oaasis online adaptive assessment system for individual students
Intelligent Technology: OAASISOnline Adaptive Assessment System for Individual Students

  • Flexible to multiple assessment approaches

  • Features a mix of audio, text, images, and animations

  • Adaptive logic to student responses

  • Highly customizable technology

  • Easy integration into 3rd party management systems


Dora k 12 reading
DORA: K-12 Reading

  • Seven reading sub-skills assessed

    • High-Frequency Words, Word Recognition, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Oral Vocabulary, Spelling, Silent Reading Comprehension

  • Fluency: Optional, assessed via teacher

  • Diagnostic profile generated for each student

  • K-12 criterion-referenced (grade level equivalent scores)


Unique capabilities students
Unique Capabilities: Students

  • Allows students to independently interact and answer research-based diagnostic reading questions.

  • Adapts to the child’s responses, becoming increasingly difficult or easier with each answer.

  • Offers an engaging testing experience with audio, text, and multimedia technology features.

Unique capabilities teachers
Unique Capabilities: Teachers

  • Automates diagnostic assessment

    • Unbiased

    • Consistent measure

    • Time saving

  • Provides teachers with specialist expertise and expands their knowledge.

  • Facilitates improved classroom instruction with targeted remediation for individuals and small groups.

  • Delivers accurate measure of student progress and benchmark data for existing instructional programs.


Reading profiles
Reading Profiles

  • Drives holistic prescription

  • Provides both graphical and narrative reports;

  • complete with remediation strategies and instruction


Classroom view
Classroom View

  • Grade-level criterions in each sub-test

  • Can sort students by each sub-test

  • Immediate access to all reports and data


Unique capabilities administrators
Unique Capabilities: Administrators

  • Delivers a system-wide approach to diagnostic reading assessment.

  • Integrates core curriculum and supplemental materials.

  • Provides time and money savings on labor-intensive individualized assessments.

  • Generates aggregated reports to make data-driven decisions and to align to state and national standards.

District wide report
District Wide Report

Optional supplemental instruction unique reader
Optional Supplemental Instruction: Unique Reader

  • Four tracks of instruction

  • Students automatically placed into correct lessons

  • Teacher can easily adjust or view lessons


Unique reader secondary
Unique Reader Secondary

  • Administer DORA first

    • >5th grade word recognition skills

    • Screens for mastery of sight words

    • Allows teacher to choose students for enrollment

  • Comp Up! Interactive Lessons

    • Focuses on comprehension strategies and vocabulary development

    • Includes 50 highly interactive lessons

    • Encourages continuation with positive feedback to help students reach a high level of proficiency


Current users
Current Users

  • Fresno Unified School District, California

  • Saint Johns School District, Florida

  • Highland School District, Colorado

  • Glendale Unified School District, California

  • Hampton City Schools, Virginia

  • Newport News Public Schools, Virginia

  • Frontier Central School District, New York

  • USD 380, Vermillion, Kansas



  • Intelligent/interactive technology and research-based assessment

  • Improved instruction through differentiation

  • Consistent K-12 measure for all students

  • Dynamic aggregated reports for AYP – custom reporting options

  • Seamless connection between supplemental and core programs

  • Access to data for all stake holders for better quality and accountability


Next steps
Next Steps

  • Visit to demo and register for a free trial

  • Encourage your team to sign up for a live web demonstration

  • Preview the implementation checklist

  • Organize a pilot in tech-ready schools