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Overview of the Vanguard Project. May 2014. Vanguard Project. Goal: Transform the system of education in Kentucky to a level whereby schools/students will perform at levels comparable to those of schools in top-performing countries in the world

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Vanguard project
Vanguard Project

  • Goal: Transform the system of education in Kentucky to a level whereby schools/students will perform at levels comparable to those of schools in top-performing countries in the world

  • Partnership among WKU, BGISD, DCSD, OISD, and WCSD


  • Recruit high-performing students into teacher education programs

  • Increase standards for individuals seeking admission to and exiting teacher education programs

  • Increase expectations of teacher candidates relative to mastery of subject matter

Objectives cont
Objectives cont.

  • Provide clinical experiences to ensure prospective teachers master the craft of teaching

  • Enhance support for new teachers entering the profession

  • Restructure/align districts/schools with the project guidelines

Design of vanguard project
Design of Vanguard Project

  • Raise higher education standards/match with measures to professionalize teaching in schools

  • Rely on volunteer consortia

  • State will offer help

    • Raising money

    • Relief from regulation

    • Technical assistance

  • Competition against criteria, not each other


  • Meeting held 12/17/2013

  • Initial planning (January and February)

  • Prospectus submitted and reviewed

  • Proposal (Tentative date-Summer 2014)

  • Proposals read and rated by

    • Readers from Kentucky (CPE, KDE, and EPSB)

    • External reviewers with expertise with school systems in high performing countries

Current initiatives
Current Initiatives

  • WKU’s Clinical Experiences and Practice in Teaching (CEPT)

  • SKyTeach

  • GSKyTeach

Criteria for school districts
Criteria for School Districts

  • Career pathways model

  • Elementary teachers required to have a minor in subjects they will teach

  • Continuing professional development for teachers

  • Districts provide one to two year induction program for new teachers with reduced loadand mentoring from Master Teachers

Phase in model
Phase-in Model

  • Maintain current programs for time being while also offering parallel Vanguard Program

  • Begin with specific majors, school districts, and then scale up

Criteria for universities
Criteria for Universities

  • Designed to raise the high school graduation/score quartile from which candidates are recruited

  • Raise admission requirements for schools of education

  • Three stage admission process

    • Strong academic record

    • Passion for teaching

    • Ability to connect with young people

Criteria for universities1
Criteria for Universities

  • 2 programs

    • Major or minor in subject and masters in teaching or

    • Combined program leading to both degrees

  • Secondary, Middle School, P-12 and 5-12 candidates major in subjects to be taught

  • Elementary candidates minor in subjects to be taught

Criteria for universities2
Criteria for Universities

  • Program to include

    • Training in research methods

    • Extensive clinical training

    • Training in diagnosis and prescription

  • Training in craft based on best research in subject area

  • Design for program must include

    • Findings of the TELL Survey

    • Methods & strategies used by Math Center at NKU

Criteria for universities3
Criteria for Universities

  • Universities to develop clinical schools similar to how teaching hospitals are affiliated with schools of medicine

    • School faculty have university faculty status

    • Collaborative planning between university and school faculty in development of the program

    • University faculty conduct research in clinical schools

    • Schools used as primary training facility for teachers in training

Teacher preparation
Teacher Preparation

  • More selective admissions

  • Toward clinical model for teacher education

    • Pre-service clinical experiences in every semester of the program, building toward residency model in the 5th year

    • Move toward problem-based instruction organized around real situations

    • Courses taught by a collaborative team: pedagogical, content, and clinical faculty

Five year preparation program
Five Year Preparation Program

  • Elementary:

    • Minors in STEM or ELA/SS

    • Clinical seminar

    • Classes mostly in school settings – teaching schools (hospitals)

    • Fifth-year residency and culminating in master’s degree

Five year preparation program1
Five Year Preparation Program

  • Middle Grades/Secondary (8-12)/P-12/5-12

    • Major in subject area and discipline-specific pedagogy

    • Fifth year residency requirement

One year master s degree program
One Year Master’s Degree Program

  • Building upon a bachelor’s degree in a certifiable content area

    • Residency model

    • One year in the craft of teaching

Related work
Related Work

  • Excellence for All

    • High school redesign

    • World class curriculum, assessment tied to Common Core

    • Designed to bring all students to work and school ready by the time they leave high school

  • National Institute for School Leadership

    • Nation’s largest state-level program for training school leaders

    • Designed to work in tandem with Excellence for All and teacher quality program

Things to remember
Things to Remember

  • This is not a “project” – it is the way Kentucky will do this statewide

  • This is the Vanguard of a whole system

  • We are designers, not just implementers

  • KY will be the first of several states doing this work

  • Access to the world’s pioneers along the way

  • Not a replication of other systems

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Finish meetings with school districts

  • Conduct focus group sessions on campus

  • Development and submission of proposal


  • Surpassing Shanghai by Marc S. Tucker

  • Finnish Lessons by PasiSahlberg

  • The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got that Way by Amanda Ripley