Toothed whales
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Toothed Whales . By: Lauren Granville. There are around 70 different species of Toothed Whales. They get the name, Toothed Whales, because they are the only whales that have teeth. Some Toothed Whales are: Sperm, Bottlenose, river dolphin, Orca, Pilot, Narwhal, Beaked, and Beluga. .

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Toothed whales

Toothed Whales

By: Lauren Granville

  • There is a wide distribution of Toothed Whales all over the world.

  • They can be found in deep water habitats, coastal shores, in Antarctic seas, tropical seas, and in freshwater, like the Amazon river dolphin shown below.

  • Most migrate for food or to breed, while others, like the Sperm whale, are said to be the wanderers of the ocean, because they inhabit all oceans of the world.

  • Their diet varies among the different species world.

  • Actively hunts prey using echolocation

  • Toothed whales have peg-like teeth for grasping their prey

  • The ones that feed on fish, seals, and other whales, like the Orcas, generally have more teeth than the ones that feed on invertebrates.


Feeding methods

  • Orcas world. will strand themselves in order to catch and eat seals from a sandy beach.

  • Bottlenose dolphins will herd schools of fish up onto a mud bank, stranding themselves until they are finished.

Feeding Methods

The melon

The melon

Sperm whales

  • The blowhole is usually located on the top of the head, except for in the case of the Sperm whale.

  • Sperm whales have a blowhole that is located on the front left-hand side of the head.

  • These whales are the largest in this group and are known to have the largest brain of any animal with a weight of 20lbs.

Sperm Whales

Dolphins and porpoises

Dolphins and Porpoises

Narwhal and beluga

  • This family, includes dolphins and porpoises. Monodontidae, has only two species: the Narwhal and Beluga whale.

  • Found in arctic seas and major rivers draining into them.

  • Both lack a dorsal fin.

  • Belugas have 8-10 teeth in each jaw; Narwhals have only two in the upper jaw, one develops into a spiral tusk.

Narwhal and Beluga

Do whales sleep

  • Whether whales sleep or not remains a mystery. includes dolphins and porpoises.

  • Because breathing is not an automatic reflex in whales and is a voluntary one, scientist believe they rest one side of the brain at a time.

  • Scientist believe they do this by closing one eye at time before swapping to the other eye while swimming close the waters surface.

Do whales sleep?

In provincetown
In Provincetown includes dolphins and porpoises.


  • http:// includes dolphins and porpoises.