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Indoor air quality specialist
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Indoor Air Quality Specialist. Positively affect the living standards of mankind. Smartcoat Technology was created, tested and successfully proven in USM & passed EU standard and widely used in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, UK, Brunei, Singapore and many other countries . .

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Indoor Air Quality Specialist

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Indoor air quality specialist

Indoor Air Quality Specialist

Positively affect the living standards of mankind

Indoor air quality specialist

Smartcoat Technology was created, tested and successfully proven in USM & passed EU standard and widely used in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, UK, Brunei, Singapore and many other countries.


Causes of indoor air pollutant

Causes of Indoor air pollutant

Worlds most advanced nano coating technology

“A breakthrough in nano technology that will positively affect the living standards of mankind”

Worlds Most Advanced Nano Coating Technology

What is smartcoat

Smartcoat comes in a form of liquid, whose main active ingredient is n-type semiconductor photo-catalyst, which are nano-sized Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) particles.

What is Smartcoat?

How smartcoat work

Smartcoat works on Photo-Catalyst Technology.

How Smartcoat Work?

What is photo catalyst

What is Photo-catalyst?

Definition of "Photo-catalyst"?

Photo = Light

Catalyst = a substance that causes or accelerates a

Chemical reaction without itself

being affected.

Who invented this technology

Photo catalyst features of TiO2 was discovered by Professor Akira Fujishima at the Tokyo University in 1967

Who invented this technology?

"The primary objective of Science & Technology is to create a society where people can have healthy, comfortable and long lives,"

What can smartcoat do

Invisible to the naked eye, Smartcoat will rapidly, effectively and continuously eliminates all organic compounds in contact with it

- Virus –Molds – Bacteria – Toxic gases

Surfaces will self –sanitize. INVISIBLE PROTECTION.

What Can Smartcoat do?

Smart coat functions

Smart Coat Functions

How can smartcoat help you

A lot!

How can Smartcoat help you?

  • - Makes life safer for you and loved ones

By ensuring that viruses and bacteria cannot survives on surfaces.

Indoor air quality specialist

- Keeps work and living space clean and fresh

By removing air-borne VOCs, Mold Spores & bad order, it will continuously improve indoor Air Quality(IAQ)

- Long term cost savings

By blocking out 90% of harmful UV light and making surfaces self-clean, it will lower maintenance cost and prolong product life span.

Where do you need it

Healthcare Environments – Hospitals, Clinics

Institutions, Schools & Childcare centers,

Public Transportation System-Buses, trains, Airplanes

Places of Worship – Temples, Mosques, Churches

Factories, Research Facilities

Pet shops and Animal Shelter.

Where do you need it?

Characteristics of smartcoat

Characteristics of Smartcoat

  • Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide (2-3 nm)

  • Transparent- easy to apply to any surface due to Dispersion Technology

  • Visible Light Response and Reaction

  • SELF Binding Capabilities without any binder

  • Spraying and Fixing Directly

  • Getting Dry and Firm Instantly

Anti bacterial effect

Anti bacterial effect

Radical species formed by photoirradiation

attacks the cell wall of bacteria

Super hydrophilicity

Super hydrophilicity

Just on a photo-irradiation, very

thin water film is formed on the

surface of TiO2

Under the dark condition,

water attached to the TiO2

surface as water droplet

Super hydrophilicity1

Super hydrophilicity

Stain and Dirt

Oil film


photocatalytic Coating

Self cleaning

Any stain on a TiO2 photocatalyst is removed.

2 type self-cleaning mechanism exists

Self cleaning

Stain is photodecomposed from the

interface of itself and TiO2 by radical

species generated with photo-irradiation

Thin water film is formed onto the TiO2

surface by a photo-irradiation, and

stain is slipped on this water film and


Remove of air pollution case of the de nox photo catalytic materials

Remove of air pollutionCase of the De-NOxphoto-catalytic materials

NO and NO2 are

adsorbed onto

TiO2 photo-catalyst

NO and NO2 are

adsorbed and

photo-oxidized by

TiO2, and changed

to HNO3 on TiO2.

HNO3 is washed by

water, and the TiO2

surface becomes to


Titanium dioxide tio 2 safety

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Safety

Characteristic of

Characteristic of

Nanosize particle high reactivity

Nanosize particle- high reactivity

TiO2nano solution with particle size of 2-3 nanometer

SA=425.5 - 638.3 m2

Visible respond work under any light

Visible respond- work under any light

The suspension has been diluted with 20-fold with water as a solvent.

Strong absorption towards visible range

Antifungal antibacterial

Antifungal & Antibacterial

Microbes: E-Coli


Aspergillus Niger

Voc detoxification under sunlight

VOC detoxification under sunlight


Adherence test

Adherence Test

Glass substrate

Scratched Glass substrate



Scratched surface of TiO2 coated glass

TiO2 on Glass substrate

15 awards was won till 2012

15 Awards was won till 2012

Indoor air quality specialist

Gold Medal BIS 2012

Recommendation letter

Recommendation letter

Benefits of smartcoat

Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide (2-3 nm) - Greatest Coverage

Reacts fast with any light source

Kills fungi, bacteria and destroys VOCs 99.9%

Transparent- easy to apply to any surfaces

  • Multifunctioning in 1 application

    Disinfection is three times stronger than ozone.

    Green Comparing with many branded disinfectants

    Included in the Green Building System

Benefits Of Smartcoat

Dispersion Technology with Electrostatic Spraying System

SELF Binding Capabilities without any binder

Getting Dry and Firm Instantly

Repeating Functions over time

Many successful sites applied and reported

Won many international awards – international recognition

Highest Lab Grade Quality

Indoor air quality specialist

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